How to quit nagging your man

It is not unusual that sometimes your man’s behavior literally overturns your brain. But on the contrary, does your man often complain that you are extremely nagging? Your reaction to such a comment is undoubtedly a confused one as you never realize that you nag. Let us tell you the truth, the most painful part of nagging is that you make the life of your spouse hell, without being aware of the fact that you nag at all. This creates distances between the married couples and with time the passion in marriage vanishes to give way to boredom and irritation. So, if you nag too, then it is high time that you must quit it for the sake of your marriage. We have come up with solutions that will assist you.

Peep into yourself

It is vital that you peep into yourself and find out if your attitude is pleasing for your husband or not. Put yourself in your husband’s position and find out the changes that should be made in your behavior. Self introspection will also help you in discovering the ways by which you can scale down your nagging and pestering.

Work schedule curbs naggimg

Men hate it to the hilt when their wives constantly nag and pester him on a particular issue. If you adopt the same measure often, then get rid of it. Instead of telling him repeatedly to do a work, try to create a work schedule for him and hand it over. This chart will help your man to understand the importance of that task. You can be assured that he will complete that within time. Men are quite methodical too. So, we should never underestimate them.Further, you will never have to nag to have the thing done.

Rely more on regular and healthy communication

You might never know that excessive nagging can make your man totally switch off from you. This will inevitably cast a dark spell on your relationship. The most ridiculous part of it is that while you nag most of the times you miss out on the actual thing that you wish to convey to your spouse. Therefore, the wiser advice is to quit nagging and go for healthy and regular communication. Your husband will also be more responsive in that way and treasure your company too.

Realize that men are different

Women consider that their husbands will be their mirror images and will do things exactly how they want. But, this is so foolish. Men and women are two different sexes. When they come together and live as life partners the beauty in their chemistry is actually the differences in this character. So, appreciate this instead of raising your eyebrows. Your nagging will vanish automatically.

Never enter into a comparison

One of the major factors that lead wives to nag is that they start comparing the demerits of their spouses with the positive points of others’ spouse. This is extremely detrimental for a relationship. You will make your husband feel inferior and depressed that way and find yourself nagging and brooding more and more that you are an unlucky wife. We suggest you to realize that every individual is born with negative as well as positive aspects and mind it, you are not an exception too. So, stop comparing and celebrate the positive points that your husband possesses. This will make your marital bond much stronger.

Encourage your spouse

Nagging women make their marital lives hell by discouraging their spouses constantly. They feel that the incapability in their husbands can never be driven away. This makes even a mere thing a grave issue. This is very a wrong attitude as it creates irreparable gap in between the husband and wife. You should never discourage your man as it breaks his self confidence and indirectly humiliates his manhood. Rather, encourage him and make him believe that he is capable of doing everything. Thus will act as a balm for him and he will do things just as you want. And your nagging will also be cured in the process.

Learn to compromise

When you are already aware that you nag too much, the only way to get out of it is to compromise once in a while. You cannot be the winner every time. Such an attitude will make you too rigid and you will never be able to digest failures. You must think otherwise that life is not a battle ground. So, the question of losing and winning is useless.

Be understanding

Wives nag when they become selfish about a particular issue. They fail to realize what might have been the cause that have made their spouses fail to achieve something or please them. So, the golden rule to overcome nagging is to be understanding. Try to figure out what went wrong or is there something your husband is suffering from that is making him incapable to live up to your expectations. We are sure you will get over nagging and your relationship will get better as well.

Allow some flexibility

If you are a nagging wife, it is undeniable truth that you are extremely inflexible. Hence, when your husband fails to hit the bull’s eye you definitely start eating his head! Get rid of all these by allowing a bit of flexibility. You must realize that mistakes are quite humane and there is no need of becoming too hyper about such things. Your slight flexibility will let your husband breathe and will also improve your relation. You will love to notice that your nagging attitude will also get decreased gradually.

Allow your husband to speak too

Nagging wives literally dominate the discussions. They do not let their husbands speak at all. Analyze yourself and find out if you do the same thing too on occasions of heated discussions with your spouse. Change your attitude immediately as marriage means equality between the husband and the wife. So, you cannot be the administrator of each and every discussion. Let him speak too and your role during such times should be to listen silently to whatever he remarks. This will end your unnecessary nagging too.

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