Why not go for a barn wedding?

If you are looking to tie the knot soon and are deciding upon the venue, why not try a barn? We give you some tips and ideas to have a perfect barn wedding of your choice.


Why not go for a barn wedding?

  • The venue – Barns are increasingly gaining a lot of popularity when people are looking for a wedding venue. More and more people are opting to get a barn wedding since it involves a private setting amidst natural settings and backdrop. If you have decided to go rustic as well, find out the perfect venue by going to the countryside and look for an established wedding venue instead of starting out on an authentic barn. It will save you the effort. Unless you really have organizers who can do the job for you, do not start out on customizing the actual barn for the wedding. It will be a lot of hassle and can cost you a lot.
  • DIY Barns – In case you are going for a DIY barn, keep in mind all the other things you will need to take care of besides the barn. For example, catering, parking, decorations. The theme has to sink in and not doing the entire thing will just make the whole idea fall flat, face-down.


  • Amidst nature – Make maximum use of the outdoors and if the weather is good enough, hold the ceremony outdoors as well. You can move the guests in later for the food and dancing.
  • Customize – Just like a farm wedding, you can dress up or down the venue according to what you want in the decorations: furniture, chair , lighting, everything , else. Revolve the whole décor around the barn, be it fairy lights or rustic wooden chairs and tables. Even your bridesmaids can wear barn themed dresses. Size can be a big issue with barns being so big you don’t know where to start decorating from. The simplest way would be to start decorating the tables and chairs and then working your way through the rest. The upside of having a barn wedding is that the building itself will be so exquisite you do not have to work on the walls or anything else, just tables, chairs and lights will do, if you want it low-key.
  • Entertainment – The downside of having a barn-wedding is that without the pluses of a hotel, like the bar, dance floor, kids play-zone, etc , your party might seem to get boring since the venue is quiet. So make up for it by adding all the entertainment you would have had at a posh hotel, like a band or a play-pen.

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