How to plan your big day:  New Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter Wedding Ideas

Most couples would prefer a summer wedding with clear skies and lots of sunshine. However, if you thought that planning a wedding in winter may not be as dramatic as summer wedding then you are completely wrong. There is so much for you to inculcate in your winter wedding to make it a memorable and trendsetting affair. In addition, there are many other reasons that one can actually go for a winter wedding

  1. Money saver option
     Winter Wedding Ideas

If you plan a winter wedding, then the best part is that you can save on the money on your venue. The cost of wedding venues will be pretty less as compared to summer and spring. You can use the money that you saved for making other arrangements for your wedding.

  1. The wedding theme

Since it is a winter wedding, you can opt for a theme that is cosy. You can create Iceland and have igloos where the seating arrangements are made. The waiters and waitresses can dress up in Eskimo outfits. Won’t that look amazing?

  1. The wedding invite
     Winter Wedding Ideas

Since it is a winter wedding, make sure that even your wedding invites are as per the theme. Make use of silver lined envelopes and white ink. You can send the invites with a small gift like a fur or a pair of gloves, which depicts that you are having a winter wedding.

  1. Play with white and silver

As it is a winter wedding do not be using the traditional colours. Instead, make use of white and shades of cream and silver. You can have white ribbons and white curtains in the decoration which will depict winter. Make use of white flowers and branches in the decoration

  1. Winter time is Christmas time Winter Wedding Ideas

If you want your winter wedding to be colourful then you can play with bright colours like red and green.  If your wedding is during Christmas time, you can have coloured decorations, Christmas trees etc. Even the escort cars can be in the form of sleighs or sledges. The drivers can dress up as Santa Claus.

  1. The wedding centrepieces

Here you can really do your best. From crystal vases to ice sculptures there is so much that you can use as the centrepiece. You can even use traditional candles along with white ribbons and roses.

  1. Let the cake be perfect

Winter Wedding Ideas

Let the wedding cake be a perfect depiction of winter time. You can have reindeers or trees without leaves and covered with ice. You can have edible silver powder, silver ribbons and edible crystals on the cake.

  1. Festive music

Since you are getting married in the festive season, let the music also be very festive. If you are having a live band then, ask them to play not just love songs but also numbers which showcase the festive spirit.

  1. Cocktails and menu

The drinks that you serve should give your guests relief from the cold. You can also serve hot beverages which will be comforting. Let the menu also be in line with winter theme. You can have Christmas delicacies. Since it is cold your menu must include lots of hot soups and you can also include a little spicy stuff.

  1. The outfits

The bride and the groom can experiment with their outfits. Groom can make a grand entry on a reindeer sledge dressed in an overcoat. The bride too can experiment with woollen stuff.

  1. Honeymoon hotspots


Winter wedding will help you opt for some amazing honeymoon locations. You can get cosy in locations where the temperatures are really low or can opt for Asian locations where the climate is pleasant.

Winter weddings are fun. You can actually experiment and do so many different things in a winter wedding which you could have never done in a summer or spring wedding.

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