How to use blue flowers for weddings!

Planning for your wedding day when you know what you have in mind is a great way to start and is far more easier. Choosing everything to be blue at your wedding is a striking idea. Blue flowers are the theme you have chosen and you should know what the many ways are to use the blue flowers at your wedding. Flowers give out such an amazing ambience that cannot be explained in mere words. Different flowers give out a different ambience and provide freshness to the wedding that nothing else can provide. The color blue is so divine and striking that you might just end up in a pool of blue flowers. Using the correct hues and knowing how to pair them is and art in itself. The scent and color of flowers, even if they are dyed are just a sight to remember. An assemblage for you on how to you use blue flowers to their best. Beautify your d-day with exquisite decorated flora.

The bridal bouquet:

The bridal bouquet obviously plays a very important role at the wedding and it is understandable that it should be the best part of the wedding of course after the bride and her beauty. The flowers must match the entire wedding theme and should also have the bride stand out in a unique way. The freshness of the flowers should be taken into consideration. The flowers could be blue roses which would be dyed and paired with white lilies. This combination is really electric and is surely going to have the bridesmaids stare at that bouquet and will be longing to catch it during the throw. You would have a few stems of bouvardia too mixed with some leaves. You can go for lighter shades of blue flowers too if you do not like the shocking blue colors. Flowers like anthriums and anemone blended with calla lilies and freesias. These combinatios are just marvelous and there you have the perfect bouquets.

The bridesmaid’s bouquet:

The bridesmaids bouquet must not be too domination and must not steel eyes away from the brides bouquet or bride for that matter. The bridesmaid’s bouquets can be pleasant to look at depending on the colors you use and the flowers. A lovely bouquet with peach calla lilies and shocking blue hydrangeas with a bit of green here and there would be the best idea. It should not like too much, but according to the brides bouquet it should somewhat match up. The bridesmaid’s bouquets would be given to a couple of your girls. Make sure that when the bouquets are carried by all your bridesmaids it does not steal away from the show. They should be light and faint. It is just the idea of having to carry the flowers.

The flower girls bouquet:

The flower is the most adorable thing at your wedding and she too gets to have a bouquet if you wish. Normally the flower girl decorates your aisle before you enter to go to the altar. She gets to throw flowers from her little basket. If you decide to give her a bouquet, make sure they have flowers which she can handle and she does not find them heavy to hold. You could have such adorable looking small bouquets. You could either have daises, gardenia, carnations or even lisianthus. Basically any delicate small flower bouquet would best suite the little kid. Make sure the colors are perfect to suit your wedding.

The grooms boutonniere:

This boutonniere is unique, and yes you can blue flowers for this too. The groom has as much say at the wedding as the bride. The boutonniere can be made of really wonderful blue flowers and accessories. You would not want your fiancé to be left out of anything. Do not over do the boutonniere. A few grass or small leaves with lilac dyed or liatris could do the trick. Boutonnieres do not really need a lot of work but it is still visible. Choosing a blue colored flower would mean that it should not be too dark unless the groom is wearing a white suit. Since the groom normally wears black, you should choose flowers which can be seen. Pair it up with really lively and unique accessories as the butterfly or something he really likes. It should not be too gaudy either.

Wreath of blue flowers:

A flower wreath has been famous since ages and having it a shocking blue or a divine delicate blue makes it all the more interesting. You could match up various flowers and have a breathtaking wedding headgear from it to match your wedding theme. The wreath could have your veil attached to it if you desire. If you blend the colors with white flowers it would sober down and if you a shocking blue, most probably it will be dyed or be made of fake flowers. Make sure the wreath is not spoilt at the time of wearing it. Obviously you would have a wreath made of really small flowers. They could be just rose of you wish, but it should not look to flashy.

The aisle decoration:

The aisle decoration would be up to you as to what you want. Make sure that if you are having the wedding in the open then you have only grass around so that the flowers used do not make it look to full and packed. Have blue hydrangeas or silk roses dyed blue. You could also go mini carnation, basically the flowers should be full grown if they grow really big. Keep it light a subtle. The fact is that the flowers are all going to be blue and that it is such a striking color that it will be quiet prominent. You do not want the guests to get distracted, also you must know what centerpieces you are going to have in case the decoration is to take place inside. Depending on the venue the flowers can be decided.

Wedding centerpieces:

The wedding centerpieces are a part of the ceremony which would be in the visibility of the guests for most of the ceremony. It is not necessary to have centerpieces, but if you choose flowers makes sure they do not come in everyone’s way. Orchids blended with white roses can make it really elegant looking. The centerpieces should be short and should not sidetrack the guests from the ongoing ceremony. Lisianthus is another really gorgeous flower which is bound to do justice to the centerpieces. Pair it up with parakeet heliconia’s and white lilacs and you are pretty much done.

The wedding cake:

The wedding cake, which is the cherishable moment of the wedding, can also be beautified by flowers. Might as well use the flowers to the fullest. Since the wedding cake is going to be opened make sure it is not over done by the amount flowers on the cake. A wedding cake which has less tiers can be look gaudy with the amount of flowers on it use roses to keep it simple, you could also do away with orchids. You could decorate just the top of the cake and the base. You could have a singular lined design of flowers. You could have the flora placed in bits on each tier if you choose too.

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