How can working couples make their marriage successful

There is a perennial debate whether working couples have ever successful marriage or not. But, if you go by our words, there is absolutely no enmity between marriage and your career. There are practical situations when you will see that a working couple is happier in comparison to one where the woman partner is a housewife. Actually, this means that you need to move strategically and master the art of capturing your spouse’s heart in order to remain married forever. We bring here a few tips that will be great aid in helping you with your noble mission. Have a look!

Don’t make life a routine

Working couples run short of time juggling with their office and home. That makes them robotic and their life gets mundane. This casts a dark shadow on their marriage and makes life uninteresting. This is exactly when you cease to find married life attractive and often contemplate that a life of bachelorhood was exciting or getting into a new love affair will instill energy in your life. Our suggestion is that instead of going for farfetched plans, why not break the boring routine of your life? A simple tip is to pair with your spouse, bunk office and go for a whole day amusement. Think of similar surprises that will make your life interesting again.

Talk heartily with your spouse

We understand that it is really challenging to be successful in professional front as well as personal front. But that never means you should cease talking to each other. You never need to get an appointment with your spouse and then enter into an interactive and serious communication session. Simply carry on with whatever chit-chats that comes to your mind. Communication is not the important issue here, what is most vital is that your marriage remains healthy and you reach out to each other.

Share your mind out and be his/her friend

You cannot deny that a friend-less life is killing. So, why not make your spouse your friend? Whenever you are stressed out or have a tension regarding your office, or find it challenging to live up to the expectations of a particular sector in your personal life; confide in your spouse and interact on its possible solutions. This way your healthy interaction will also be maintained and your problem will get solved too.

Try to understand if he/she is happy or not

Marriage does not mean ’me and mine’. You cannot have a happy marriage if you are a selfish person. So, together with thinking about what do you want and if you are happy, it is also essential that you see yourself from the position of your better half too and analyze if he/she is happy or not. You might never know, but a particular thing is you might be paining your spouse, be it your extreme work pressure or too much involvement in your family affairs and ignoring him/her. Try to find out what makes him/her sad and resolve it immediately.

Never make your home a second office

As you are supposed to play dual roles, so it is vital to balance your life. Do not give too much of your time to your office and prove unsuccessful in your domestic life. Schedule your work in such a way that you finish everything while in your office. Never carry work to home and eat up your spouse’s time. In case if you apprehend that the work load is beyond your limit, never take up so much burden that your marriage suffers.

Convey you miss your spouse

There might be circumstances when you turn late for home. It may also become vital to finish the office work with urgency and you are forced to carry parts of it to your home. Be polite enough to inform that to your spouse, specially expressing how sorry you are for not being able to spend much time with him/her on that day. You will win your spouse’s heart for such a generous act.

Continue saying frequent hi and hello

Since you have an active work life and loads of domestic responsibilities to fulfill post marriage, so the time you spend with your spouse becomes much less. But, you can continue being connected to each other confiding in technology. Pick up the cell phone, call your husband and have intermittent short talks. If you lack time vehemently, you can also send a love filled message or a mail, that will make him/her feel you are always there.

Be in love with each other

Never let love evaporate in your life. Continue being the same person your spouse had fallen in love with. Although you might not have that figure or beauty like you used to have before; attitude remains unaltered. So, never let that get hidden behind your household responsibilities and professional chores. Enjoy each others’ togetherness and continue being each other’s girlfriend and boyfriend. Your career will never be able to destroy your marriage.

Enjoy your Saturdays

Spare your Saturdays for you spouse and think about nothing else but enjoying together. In case if you have a kid, get a baby sitter immediately so that the Saturday is meant only for you and your love of life. As for the baby, Sundays are always there for family outings. Enjoy the special weekend to your heart’s content and do things that both of you love immensely. Add sparks of romance in the weekend ventures by going for date with him/her, watching a romantic movie, etc.

Never make him/her sex starved

80% of working couples give their sex lives the hardest blow! You might not know, this attitude is a menace that makes marriage gradually drift apart. Never let this happen to you if you wish to remain happily married ever after. Have regular sex with your spouse and continue enjoying a successful marriage.

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