Natural wedding centerpiece ideas with sticks and leaves

Natural wedding centerpieces not only bring your wedding closer to the nature but also save a lot of your money from spending on many expensive centerpieces. Use natural sticks and branches for making these aesthetic centerpieces. These natural centerpieces are also a best option for rustic theme wedding. Here are some ideas.

Natural wedding centerpiece ideas

1. Berry branches looks amazingly beautiful and you can use them as natural centerpieces. Take some sticks and branches of berry and put them in crystal vase. Add a sparkling touch to the décor item by interspersing natural or artificial flowers to the centerpieces. Make a proper arrangement of the sticks and branches in the vase. If you are using natural flowers, then cut the extra stems and leaves with scissors. Tie all the stick together with the help of a ribbon and make a bow around the bunch.

2. Give a natural and rustic look to the wedding venue by using floral wedding centerpieces with sticks as filler pieces. Using sticks of different colors will eventually add a unique vibrancy to the flower vase complementing the theme of your wedding.

3. Create a beautiful flower bouquet with the help of stick and leaves. Tie roll leaves and blooming roses onto the sticks and they will look like flower stems. Arrange them together and make a wedding flower bouquet. You can also make fake flowers to create a centerpiece.

4. Wreaths look beautiful as wedding centerpieces; you can weave sticks and leaves to create beautiful wedding centerpieces. Sticks are generally hard and many people face difficulty in incorporating them as wedding centerpieces so, soak them in water for about two or three hours before you use them.

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