Humorous ways to click your dying marriage

Do you feel that your marriage is about to crash? Are you really sorry about it but you find yourself helpless to save it? Fret not, we have solutions for you here. Let your sense of humor be your weapon. Humor and fun work great in saving even a dying marriage. Have a sneak peak at the humorous ways to save matrimonial tie that we have compiled here for you and add spark to your dying marriage.

Make funny tantrums

Living in a competitive world where time is money, we hardly get time to communicate with our spouse. This sets a great blow on marriage. But capitalize your sense of humor and reveal in a funny way that you are flowed on your spouse. For instance, if you are a husband then grab her hand tightly and make tantrums like a kid until she admits that she loves you too.

End fight with a tease

Fights and quarrels are inevitable in marriages. We say they are ways to strengthen your relationship. But don’t let these fights get beyond control. In case if you see that the fight is getting out of control end it suddenly with a funny twist. Tease your spouse by applauding him or her for showing excellence as a master fighter. The fight will inevitably be followed with heart laughter.

Encourage child-like talks

If you see that your spouse is very angry with you, then talking to him or her directly might make things worse. Have your work done in a humorous way. Talk to your spouse like a child, with lots of stammers and fumbles. He or she will not be able to retain the anger for long.

Crack a practical joke

A practical joke can work a lot in letting you know if your spouse loves you and misses you or not. In situations when you are not in talking terms for days due to a bitter fight, a practical joke works as a medicine. Crack one and see the impetus.

Go on a fun filled date

Surprise your spouse by inviting him or her for a date. Give even more surprise by treating your better half with a funny movie that will make him or her laugh at the heart’s content. It is said that a jovial laughter champions all differences. So, you will also see that the tensions and complications between you getting evaporating within no time.

Retrospect your fights and joke at them

The best way to make even your most bitter fights become the lightest is to retrospect them when you are in a happy mood. This works like miracles even for those couples who fight frequently. Make jokes on how wild you become during such fights and how funny your equally wild spouse looks. Choose to laugh at the fights rather than letting them create fissures in your marital relationship.

Spend leisure together by watching comedy soaps

The forte of most couples post marriage is that the husband remains glued to all the serious shows that deal with business, sports, news, etc., while the wife gets addicted to the ones that are highly complicated family dramas. This absorbs even the minimum leisure the couples have and gives way to fight on gaining control over the idiot box. We suggest that spend some time with each other by watching a humorous soap or a standup comedy show. It will make you happier.

Send funny love messages

Sending sms is an equally nice idea to let your spouse feel that you are remembered with lots of love amidst the loads of work and responsibility you are subjected to throughout the day. Put some humor in such messages so that you can return home to talk on those and laugh aloud with your beloved leaving no room for negative feelings to grow.

A funny surprise gift

Gifts are the best ways to make an angry spouse melt like ice. So, apply the technique to bring about a happy ending to an ugly fight. Instead of stretching the fight long end it fast by means of surprise gifts. But incorporate humor in the gift and choose things like a book of jokes, garment with a funny decal, a collection of funny songs and such allied things.

Read a hillarious book before retiring to bed

After all the misunderstanding and fights end the day with fun. A nice way to do this is to read out a funny book to your spouse at bedtime and laugh heartily. It will even expel all your tension and stress and make you face the following day with full vigor and no more fights.

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