Five most important tips to green your wedding

Nature is a really important part of human life and if we love and care about it, we certainly find some ways to integrate our principals into the wedding. With increasing developments in every field, every occasion has become a one time celebration moment and people in America spends enormous money on these kinds of functions, which have equal ecological and economical effects. We are certainly not saying you to compromise on the big day but by looking at the bigger picture, you just need to move a bit from the usual decadence to a complete Eco-friendly wedding, that not only goes with the mother nature but also will be totally personal, moving and will always be remembered for years to come.

Tips to green your wedding

1. Numbers play the most important role, while you plan your wedding. The bigger is the size of your wedding, the bigger will be the waste so, think about ways to reduce waste to harm less to the nature. Since this is your day so, invite people who are close to you –not in celebrations but in difficult times too.

2. The another way you can truly feel proud about being an Eco-friendly person is to source locally. Starting from food and drinks to the flowers, buy everything from local stores. If you can get wines or scotch from the local store, why to waste your resources and important from other cities. Many sites like Local Harvest or BigBarn has everything of your need on the best prices.

3. Keep this notion always up in your mind that whatever you will buy is going to have environmental effects; big or small depending upon your wedding size. Ask some pertinent questions from yourself while planning for the wedding. Can the caterers use organic produce? Do I really have no other solution than buying gift bags of chocolate that involves slave labor? What is my dress made of? The overall ideas should be to getting the most out of minimal resources.

4. If you are an Eco-conscious person, you would certainly be very conscious about the transportation system. You can give as much as information about the local transport system as possible to all you guests or you can even mention your idea of the marriage so that they get encourage to have more participation with you. Get an electric car for the wedding couple and we are sure, this will certainly set an Eco-propaganda value of your wedding for some time to come.

5. Well, screening about your wedding may not seem a great idea but you are certainly taking an advantage of having your loved ones gathered in one venue and it’s a great chance to educate them by flaunting about the preparations and telling them about all those Eco-ways that makes your wedding an Eco-friendly wedding. People will always remember the wedding that has treads lighter on the planet. This is the best time to tell all those people that Eco-friendly wedding is not a doom and gloom function but a little care and your love towards the nature.

Source: treehugger


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