Keeping manhood intact: Tips to impress would be father-in-law

Has your fiancée’s father invited you to meet him? Although you have won his consent, now it is the time to convey your thankfulness and gratitude to him in a subtle manner. This is an instance where you need to prove again that you will live up to his expectations and he has consented for the right guy for his daughter. But as they say, meeting the fiancée’s father and winning his confidence optimally is no less than a battle. So, we can understand very well what a nerve wrecking situation you are in hence, we bring here some tips that will help you master the game. Have a look!

Do a priliminary homework

It is very dicey to overestimate your charisma and think that you will certainly triumph in this battle. If you are fortunate, things will fall in their places. But in case your luck is bad, the most unexpected situations will make you devastated, since impressing a man being a man yourself is certainly a mammoth task. So, it is always wise to consult your fiancee beforehand and get a rough image of her father, his likings and disliking and his preferences. This homework will be a great medicine in winning his hearts and planning a strategy on how to impress him.

Indluge with him in sports he enjoys

You need to be his friend first to be a great son-in-law. A powerful tip from our end is that you should be his partner in his favorite game. Work on this with your fiancée and find out the game he is inclined towards. It might be an indoor game or an outdoor option too. In case of an indoor game, make your first move and offer to play a game with him. For outdoor games, like cricket, baseball, etc. gather enough talking material to include in your discussions. He will be impressed with you.

Take some gifts for him

Gifts melt hearts. It hardly matters that your would be-father-in-law is a man and may not be easily impressed. But gifts have a different story and everybody loves getting something. But choice of gifts for him must be very wise. You must hit the bull’s eye by getting hold of the right gift. Your prior homework on your would be father-in-law’s tastes and preferences will come handy now. You can also ask your fiancee to help you out in getting hold of the perfect gift for him as she knows her father best.

Dress the way he prefers

Now that you have an idea of the preferences and tastes of your fiancee’s father, dress to impress him. Your girlfriend’s father might not be a metrosexual being like you, but he might be a vintage hero. So, wearing a pair of stoned wash denim Capri, sleeveless tee and making a public display of your tattooed arms must raise his eyebrows perennially. You cannot expect to melt his hearts in any manner as he will find it difficult to identify. So, talk with your partner and shop for the clothing your would be father-in law likes the most.Wear them on the day of your meeting and he will find hints of his days of youth in you. You will appear dependable to him as he will be able to identify with you.

Be punctual

Punctuality is utmost important in creating your positive impression to your beloved’s father. If you arrive late in your first meeting, he can always assume you to be the most irresponsible guy, who never takes things seriously. Never let that happen at all. Even if you are a perennially late guy, make it a point to leave your home early, keeping half an hour in hand. Such a practice will definitely make you reach in time. The fiancee’s father will feel that you are quite serious about your relationship and highly responsible too. So, never let the chance of creating positive impression go astray.

Be confident as you speak

A man is marked for his confidence and men love confident men. So, bang on this. Your would be father-in-law will feel assured that his dear daughter has chosen the right guy when you look confident and talk confidently too. We understand the mental turmoil in you when you are supposed to meet your love’s father for the first time. But the intelligent thing to do is to hide that trauma and tension and be confident. Shake hands assertively, clear your voice and talk in a confident tone, giving answers to each of his questions with conviction and proper explanation. We can guarantee, within mind he will certainly appreciate you.

Exempt overconfidence and sense of superiority

You cannot dominate a man. Being a man you must be aware that men hate being dominated. So, when we say that you should be confident, be careful enough that you should not look overconfident. Overconfidence often looks same as being haughty, arrogant and indifferent. So, check your behavior as no father likes a conceited guy filled with superiority complex for his daughter. The golden tips for checking yourself are to be courteous and compost. Do not be too talkative or impudent.

Complement him sincerely

You might be really thankful to him for giving his valuable consent for your wedding, but complementing him back will work like magic. This will make him feel that he and his decisions are valuable for you and your fiancee. Sometimes direct complement works more effectively and this is one such situation. Therefore, be open in reflecting that his decisions about him made you feel privileged and happy. He will surely be flowed.

Show that you are decenct and well mannered

Would be fathers-in law give extra marks to guys who are descent and well mannered. So, capitalize on this and show that you are very descent. Bang on the tips like, being attentive when he says something, standing up to greet him, never sitting down before he does so, offering him to sit first at the chair, smiling at a humorous note without laughing aloud like a child, talking less and logical, being crisply humorous, etc.Follow these and your impression will get star markings!

Reflecting your love for his daughter makes a mark

Fathers love their daughters above everything else. So, the same applies for your fiancee’s father too. Make small but sure shot hints to let him know that you love his apple of eye as much as he does. Reflect your love by smiling and nodding at what she says, showing that you are attentive towards her. Work further on this aspect by simple things such as pulling back her chair to make her sit comfortably at the dining table, pouring her a drink, offering her the dishes at the table before you eat them, etc. These gestures will win your would be father-in-law’s heart for sure and he will conclude you are the best man for his darling daughter.

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