Make your special day better with an eco-friendly wedding

Many young couples these days are now heading towards an eco-friendly way of life. As such, even when they plan their wedding, they might be interested in having one that is environmentally friendly. If you are one of those couples looking to planning an eco-friendly wedding, then read on to find out some tips on how to do so.

Eco-friendly venue

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The first step would be to set the tone for an eco-friendly wedding by selecting a green venue. Typically, an eco-friendly venue is in tune with nature. So perhaps, a garden, a park or a beach can be chosen for the wedding ceremony. Such venues are beautiful by themselves and will therefore require minimal decorations.

Before booking such venues, it would however be necessary to obtain the required permits. Indoor locations can also be chosen for an eco-friendly wedding. Such venues include places like museums and art galleries. The benefit of having weddings in such venues is that the some money from the wedding payment would go towards the upkeep of the venues.

Eco-friendly flavors

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As the basis of eco-friendly weddings is to minimise the consumption of resources, favors can also be eco-friendly. People usually end up throwing away wedding favours. As such, make a switch to edible flavors or those related to nature like potted plants.

Eco-friendly invites

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Invites are an important aspect of a wedding. Yet, couples can still be eco-friendly and create fabulous eco-friendly invites. Invites generally use a copious amount of paper. However, by switching to recycled paper to make invites, couples will be doing their fair share of being environmentally friendly.

Other ways of creating eco-friendly invites would be by coming up with DIY cards using materials readily available at home. A more popular method of sending out invites now would be by electronic means. Creating an e-invite and sending them to friends and family is not only cost efficient but also eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly Design

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An eco-friendly wedding can be designed elegantly by just using eco-friendly products found around them. For instance, instance of using lightbulbs which consume huge amounts of electricity, couples can conider using candles hung on bottles and strung around trees. Likewise, tableclothes can be made of organic dyed material like linen or flax.

Organizing an eco-friendly wedding need not be an arduous task as they are readily available in our environment. With a wide variety of option such as eco-friendly invites, favors, décor and venue, couples can be proud that they are doing part towards conserving the environment.

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