Marriage Proposal – Dos and Don’ts

Marriage proposal tips

Marriage proposals needs to be well planned, kept as surprise and should be innovative and personalized. But before that make sure that your prospective bride is ready to take the plunge with you. Once confirmed, plan a nice surprise. Listed here are a few essential do’s and don’ts to get you started with the proposal planning.

The Do’s

1. Do surprise

Find out a moment and a way to break the surprise. You would have discussed about getting married many a times but the final marriage proposal itself should still be a surprise.

2. Do ask for parental blessings

We all have been following this tradition for years. It may sound traditional, but it shows how much you respect family values. Ask her to seek her parental blessings as well.

3. Do select a romantic spot

Choose a romantic location where you both can enjoy and create the right ambiance. Give it a thought peacefully and figure out the ideal place. You can go for domestic or can even plan something out of your city. Consider a place where you can walk hand in hand, like near to a beach or valleys.

4. Do present an engagement ring

A ring is a symbol of love and the bond that you both will share. Find out her ring size and get a beautiful solitaire or a gold ring with diamonds. It is very important to propose your lady love with a ring in your hand. You might find an opportunity to window shop for rings or get one by asking any of your female friends for help. You can even consider asking her mother or best friend to help choose the ring.

5. Do be creative

Bring some creativity into the occasion. Bring in your own ideas about the food, drinks, favorite things, music etc. Make it memorable rather than turning it into a boring affair.

6. Do tell her why you want to marry

Once you propose your partner, narrate beautifully why you would like to spend the rest of your life with her. You could also tell her what marriage means to you, and what are your hopes for the future. If you are not too confident, then it’s best to write down your thoughts. You should not miss out what you exactly wanted to say.

7. Do propose on your knee

This is an opportunity to let her know that not only do you love and trust her but you also respect her. Show her that love, expression, charm and respect by dropping down on your knees.

The Dont’s :

1. Don’t make it a public affair

Proposals are suppose to be private, intimate and personal. Opt for a private area. By proposing in public, you may put her in an awkward situation. Most women would prefer to have this moment privately and would like to keep it only between the two of you.

2. Don’t expect her to answer immediately

You have done your job but wait! She may not be ready with her answer yet. Allow her to take her own time and decide about her future. Do not expect or pressurize her to accept it immediately. This may create a negative impact.

3. Don’t take a hasty decision

Love is believed to be foolish and immature at first. Allow the love to grow between you. Waiting until your relationship is stable will not only strengthen your bond but will also eventually strengthen your marriage. Know each other and understand each other before taking this decision. Asking someone to spend the rest of their lives with you is a big thing in itself. If she says “maybe” and asks you to give her some time to think about it, then give her a smile and politely say “yes”.

4. Don’t propose at someone’s wedding

Plan your date and avoid proposing in someone else’s wedding ceremony. Make her the spot light and wait for your date. The evening should be centered around her, rather than being centered around some other couple.

5. Don’t put the proposal ring in food or drinks

Do not try to put the ring in food or wine. A little surprise can end your women at the dentist or hospital. This will not only spoil your evening but also a total proposal fail!

6. Don’t propose when she is stressed

If you come to know that your partner is having a mood swing, stressed, depressed or upset, then its better to wait. Don’t make your proposal too complicated by proposing at this time.

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