Marrying on the beauticious islands of the Bahamas

Have you ever fancied of tying the wedlock in the Bahamas? The idea is absolutely superb. There can be nothing more romantic and passionate than to get into the nuptial bond and vow to be with each other forever with sky overlooking and panoramic view of the nature as the backdrop. It seems that nature has bestowed Bahamas with all its riches in the form of natural water resources, beautiful landscape and warm, welcoming tropical breeze. So, look no further and give wings to your fancies.

Marry in Bahamas

Why Bahamas?

We bet, you will never be able to get an even closer to heaven feel than the blue lagoon island, the Bahamas. The unparalleled natural splendor and the rich history of this paradise on earth, located in the Atlantic Ocean, about 100 miles east of the Florida Coast, has all the spices to warm even the coldest of visitors. So, perhaps, this is what you seek for when you initiate a romantic journey with your beloved. The climate of Bahamas is also favorable. Excepting for the sudden hurricanes during the month of June to November, the weather remains fairly stable throughout the year.

How to get there and around?

how to get there

Bahamas has two major airports; Freeport International Airport and Nassau International Airport. The former is the major gateway that connects with flights like American Eagles, Delta, Gulfstream, Laker Airways, West Air etc. Direct flights to and fro the main cities of the world connecting Bahamas are regular. So, you can tap any of these as per your convenience. Private cabs are available that take your directly to the resorts from the airport. Although bus service exists, it is infrequent. So, it is better not to depend on the same.

Wedding types

1. Traditional Christian wedding

If you wish to get into the wedlock in the most traditional Christian style pertaining to the norms of your custom, there is nothing to get bewildered about. Bahamas arranges a variety of traditional weddings. But you need to contact the local priest six weeks prior to your wedlock so that the necessary arrangements could be done timely.

2. Classical wedding

Your dreams of getting into the nuptial bond in the most classical and royal manner will also get the right treatment if you opt for Bahamas as your wedding destination. Head towards the Nassau Harbor in Bahamas and have the perfect backdrop of a classical wedding. The amazing tropical setting, historic columns of the 14th Century French Cloister and the picturesque elegance of the Paradise Islands team up to be make your classical wedding in Bahamas most successful.

3. Garden wedding

Many of the couples who come to the Bahamas to get into the wedlock often prefer to go for garden wedding. Garden wedding is quite popular in this place due to its natural tropical riches. The places where you can tap for the same are in the tropical vegetation of Parrot’s Jungle, Botanical Gardens in Nassau and The Garden of the Gloves in Freeport. Alternatively, you can also seek for garden wedding in the private garden of your resort too. The staffs and authority will do the needful to fulfill your aspirations.

4. Beach wedding

The lagoons and the natural water ways provide the excellent backdrop for beach wedding in the Bahamas. The resort authority own private beaches as well. So, you can celebrate your nuptial on the sandy beaches on the Bahamas. The gushes of soothing tropical breeze brushing against your cheeks and gurgling ocean blues and palm fringed beaches witnessing your marriage will be a grand memoir to treasure.

5. Junkanoo theme wedding

If you are experimental and wish to incorporate the authentic Bahamian flavor in your nuptial, then Junkanoo theme wedding is the ideal one for you. Junakoo is a fun festival of the Bahamians, which is characterized by dancing of the jolly natives in colorful costumes to the foot tapping music you have never heard before. Incorporate all these in your marriage and make the event even grander. You need to speak to the local authority for the same.

6. Legal wedding

Like any other popular wedding destinations, The Bahamas also have enough resources to have your marriage legalized. But you need to submit some authentic documents beforehand if you wish to go for legal wedding.

Wedding venues

1. One & Only Ocean Club

venue 1

Your spree for beach wedding or garden wedding in the Bahamas gets the right treatment in One & Only Ocean Club. It was once a private estate. But now, it is a venue for theme wedding since it has capitalized on its strategic position, which features the natural beach and plum garden comprising of tropical flora.

2. Compass Point

venue 2

This 1.5 acre of natural landmass in Bahamas is the ideal venue for celebration. The tropical, rustic ambiance of this venue is breathtaking. It features 18 rugged huts and two story cottages fringed with cabanas with vibrant colors.

3. Luciano’a

Venue 3

This waterside wedding venue was once the residence of late Sir Roland Symonette and was called “Green Roofs”. Although no longer a Symonette property now, it lives up to its original name till today by virtue of its natural garden resources and lush green terraces. It is one of the popular wedding venues wedding couples tap for.

4. Sunrise Beach Club

venue 4

As we have already said, beach wedding is the most sought after among couples, who select the Bahamas as their wedding destination. If you belong the same clan, then Sunrise Beach Club will be your ideal venue. The club boasts of owning some of the finest private beaches in the Bahamas. They also offer different wedding packages to suit the pocket of different couples.

5. St. Paul’s Church

venue 5

This church is famous as an authentic Christian wedding venue in the Bahamas. The décor of the church is also astounding. It gives the feeling of the traditional Jewish cathedrals of the yesteryear. Marriages are conducted in the presence of a local parish priest and a personal priest of the wedding couples. The size of the church allows small gathering for ceremonial rituals, while the open terrace outside is suitable for the day time celebrations post nuptial.

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