Not a necessity: Ditch your bridal shower without regrets

For couples planning a wedding most traditions become headaches. Planning multiple events brings along multiple stresses, especially events that have a high tendency of going horribly wrong. One of these traditions is a bridal shower, your near and dear ones want to celebrate your happiness with you, but it does not necessarily mean just a bridal shower. Here are reasons why ditching your bridal shower can be perfectly okay.

The ‘best man’/’maid of honor’ choice

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Deciding which one of your friends is suitable to be your maid-of-honor can lead to disharmony in the group. You have a lot of cousins, friends, and family – andyou have to choose a handful of bridesmaids you are in for a tough choice, especially if you are close to many of your girls.

The drama can seep in through the creeks that you leave open when you break some hearts by not choosing them for the bridal party. So unless you plan on having an extravagant party, it will be logical to ditch the process completely, talk to all your close friends about your decision, they will surely understand.

No more drama

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With all the stress of planning a perfect wedding while managing finances, you don’t need any more drama. You might get along with a lot of people, but many of these might not be okay with each other. This can turn into a cat-fight at the bridal shower, especially when the drinks start flowing.

You can save yourself from having to handle difficult bridesmaids, and the imminent meltdowns. Avoid ugly drama between your friends by ditching the bridal shower if you know of red flags such as any of your bridesmaids having traits of a diva, loner, rookie, or a tough critic. Your future-sister-in-law might not be a great choice for inviting to the bridal party; you must avoid the color green from ruining your white wedding.

Save those dollars

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If you are a thrifty bride and building your wedding on a budget, here is a tip- skip the shower. No, it will not be untraditional, and you don’t have to worry yourself about upsetting your friends. If you explain your situation, they will be open to the idea and will gladly help you with the wedding.

Spending hundreds of dollars for a tradition that might turn into a roller-coaster does not sound so wise. The money you save from the shower can be used to add something special for your friends at the wedding, to thank them for their help and make up for the lost shower.

With no shower, you can also skip the rehearsal dinner

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If you cancelled your bridal shower who says you can’t skip the rehearsal dinner. That’s another potentially-awkward situation avoided in addition to saving the extra bucks. Instead of a traditional rehearsal dinner for which you have to devote a whole day, you could save time and just go out with all your friends and cousins the night before and have a blast. This way you will actually be able to enjoy time with your dear ones without being extra formal or overly dramatic.

No discussions of finances

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The odds of the topic of finance popping up in a shower or a bachelorette party are extremely high. While some might just raise the issue out of concern, many might do so to get peace by putting you in misery. Plan an outing with your group that is affordable and untraditional, such as a camping day, spa day or the ages-old sleepover and make it all about fun.

Most customary pre-wedding events can be avoided. A bridal shower can turn into a wrestling rink if differences between your guests start rising to the surface after a few drinks, which will only ruin the ambience.

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