How to plan a wedding in breathtaking Aruba

Are you getting married shortly and thinking of ways to add spice to your wedding ceremony? What better than planning it in the serene and picturesque island of the Caribbean, Aruba. You marriage will definitely be the talk of the town and you will cherish its memories throughout your life.

Why Aruba?

Why to get married in ArubaThe warm and friendly attitude of the people of Aruba will definitely allure you. Aruba offers the most brilliant weather that is characterized by bright sunshine, warm temperature and the cool trade winds. The scenic beauty is also astounding. The rich landscapes like sandy beaches, natural bridges, deep coves, underwater reefs and rocky mountains make this wedding venue a heaven on earth. Once you land in Aruba you will find the hotel staff knowledgeable and cooperative and well aware of their duties. They are very articulate too.

If you are concerned about the safety of the place then let me tell you, Aruba is one of the safest destinations in the Caribbean. Tourist wedding is so common in Aruba that there are a number of resorts that organize wide range of wedding ceremonies. Right from beach wedding to very traditional Church wedding, you can enjoy the privilege to tie the wedlock in the manner you want if you are in this picturesque beach. You can also be rest assured that you will have all the necessary amenities you require for your marriage as there are fabulous shopping options for the tourists.

Thanks to the air service and the air hubs at different airports throughout United States that connect with Aruba, your guest can reach your wedding venue without facing any problem. The availability of wireless internet services help you stay connected to the outer world.

How to get there?

How to travel Aruba

You can reach Aruba by boarding a passenger airplane. The air routes connect the place to major cities of United States, Canada and South America. There is also an option for cruise line vessel that lands at two major seaports of Auba, Barcadera and Playa. Private van or renting cab options are available for group travelers or those with heavy luggage to finally connect them to the hotels from the seaports or airports. Twenty hours a day public bus service and bike rentals are also available for touring within the island once you each Aruba. Taking a stroll through the area is also not a bad idea as the roads of Aruba are accessible.

Wedding types

1. Aruba Beach wedding

Aruba Beach wedding

Wedding and honeymoon industries are the greatest revenue earners of Aruba. The beach wedding is the most sought after option which attracts thousands of couples every year to this beautiful island. The favorite venues for such weddings are the Aarshi beach and the Baby Beach. Wedding in Aruba is conducted in absolutely legalized way, supported by all the legal documents. The resorts arrange for different events and ceremonies concerning wedding.

2. Church Wedding in Aruba

Church Wedding in Aruba

Catholic Church wedding is also one of the most preferred types in Aruba. But certain formalities require to be fulfilled before going for a Church wedding here. The couples are supposed to get the permission of their priests and also present declaration of bachelorhood, copy of legal marriage certificate in the hometown of the intending couples, baptism certificates, valid passports and ID cards. All these have to be submitted four months before the wedding. This sort of marriage is strictly held within the Church building.

3. Civil Marriages in Aruba

Civil Marriages in Aruba

Civil marriage is held in the Civil Town House premises of Aruba. But prior to the marriage, all the valid and legal documents must be faxed to the authority at least a month before. The required documents are certificate of bachelorhood or evidence of the currently non marital status of the intending parties, valid passport, identity proof, copy of divorce certificate, if any, birth certificate, etc. You also need to provide the names of two witnesses.

Best wedding venues

1. Aruba Marriott

Aruba Marriott

Located at the fringe of the Palm Beach, Aruba Marriott has two exquisite wedding venues; the beautiful beach and the heavenly pool deck. The pool desk is transformed into an elegant wedding venue by incorporating a large canopy and chairs for guests, buffet tables, dance floor, serving staffs and delicious dinner arrangement as per customer specification.

2. Mi Dushi

Mi Dushi

If you want to marry on boards, then Mi Dushi is your answer. This is an eighty foot, large sailing vessel that organizes private wedding ceremonies. With the capacity to hold about sixty people, this is a perfect venue for an adventurous and small wedding. You need to hire Mi Dushi from De Palm, a site on Palm Beach, which is in between the RIU Palace and Radisson Resorts.

3. Chapel of Alto Vista

Chapel of Alto Vista

This is the most ancient Roman Catholic Church in Aruba that hosts marriages. The interior of the church is small but on the contrary, the exterior is spacious. So, this venue gives the opportunity to marry in the Church ambiance and also enjoy the scenic beauty outside.

4. Hayatt Regency Aruba

Hayatt Regency Aruba

This venue opens up the panoramic view of the sandy beach of Aruba, the cool winds and the pristine beauty of sunrise and sunset together with facilities like casino, personal spa, lounging and snorkeling. You can enjoy a theme wedding outside the resort as well as a gala ballroom reception in Hyatt Regency. Complementary services are also offered to customers who tie the wedlock here.

5. Bucuti Beach Resort, Aruba

Bucuti Beach Resort Aruba

Located on the most intimate beach of Aruba, Bucuti Beach Resort is a hot favorite venue among the couples. The special Tara Beach wedding suite, warm hospitality of the hotel staff, personal services like spa, gym, drink and snack bar, the scenic beauty of the backdrop and the calm environment of the resort is liked by many couples.

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