Prettiest summer wedding flowers that will make your wedding look cool!

Choosing wedding flowers is one of the most exciting decision that you make at the time of your wedding planning. Flowers always create an ambience of fragrance, color and style. Moreover, they bring that natural touch to the wedding. They set the mood of any wedding. But what if you are planning a summer wedding? Do you know the right kind of flowers that are available at that point of time? You would be surprised to know that there are many of the flowers that are famous as the summer wedding flowers. For you, we have selected the best ones here. These all flowers compliment your summer wedding and make the wedding look cool. Take a tour and select which ones are best suited for your liking and flower passion.


When we talk of the contrast feature among the flowers, sunflowers do have the best contrast in them. They look stunning and you have so many options for how you use them at your wedding. You can carry a sunflower that has a long stem or you can carry a few more like in a bunch. Bridesmaids holding the bouquets, while standing together also look amazing and beautiful. The kissing ball of sunflowers is quite in fashion these days. You can ask your florist to just provide that to you. Also, you can opt for the sunflower decoration at the wedding venues and use the petals of the flower to decorate the cake table as well.

The possibilities are endless. And if you plan for a sunflower themed wedding, then obviously there will be too much space for the beautiful sunflowers at your wedding.

Bird of paradise or Crane flowers

With a great resemblance to a bright bird, as if in flight the bird of paradise is a magical flower. It surely brings a cool and a magical touch to your wedding. If the wedding venue of your summer wedding is a beach then this is the flower that you should pick. You can decorate the wedding arch passage with these flowers considering the stems of the flower not to be removed. A single flower can be placed in the tux pocket of the groom as well as the best man. Bridesmaids and the flower girls can also carry the bundles of bird of paradise together as a group. These flower represent joyfulness and a sense of paradise so do consider these when you plan your summer wedding.

Bells of Ireland

A natural elegance of the structure makes Bells of Ireland a great summer wedding flowers. It is not like that they are only found in Ireland! They are just known by that name. These flowers are simple yet so beautiful in structure and appearance; and they are good flowers to be used as aisle holders or against the canopy. the bells of Ireland have a very nice fragrance and they do impart a good perfume like smell. Moreover, you can use them in wedding flower bouquets also as they are a visual delight.

Forget me not

It is not always necessary to use the big sized flowers as your wedding flowers. The small sized flowers can also do wonders. And when we talk about forget me not flowers, they are cute, romantic and beautiful blue and white-shaded wedding flowers which are easily available during the summer weddings. These really are the flowers that you won’t forget at all even after your wedding is over. The glory of the flowers is easy to see in the form of the bridal, bridesmaid or the flower girls bouquets. The round shaped bouquet made with the help of these flowers look good but you can try other shapes that your flower supplier can offer you.


Do you love to be colorful? If that is true in your case, then the gladiolus is the wedding flower that you are looking for. These flowers come in a huge variety of colors and sizes. They are a true natural beauty. These flowers represent strength and moral integrity and the blooming represents the infatuation that pierces one’s heart with love and passion. Gladioli are inexpensive and much affordable therefore they serve as the best wedding flowers for the couples that want to do less expenditure on the wedding flowers. The flowers can be used for the centerpieces decoration and also can be assorted as the bouquets for the flower girls. Small caskets can be given to the little flower girls who will look perfect with these flowers.

Calla Lily

Calla lily wedding flowers looks not just beautiful but rich and elegant too. They are kind of sophisticated too which you would not find in other wedding flowers. White calla lily flowers are generally famous as summer wedding flowers. They give to the wedding a modern and chic look. The other colors that you can get in calla lilies are orange, dark purple and yellow. These flowers can be sent with the wedding invitations and the whole wedding décor can be well supported with decorations done with call lilies. The bridal bouquet, flower baskets and the bridesmaid’s bouquets can be easily prepared with these. The call lilies can also be used for the beautification of the wedding arches and the passages. The reception tables can also care for some Calla lily flowers.


Freesia wedding flowers are so popular that people who are getting married prefer them all the year round. You can get the bridal bouquets, centerpieces and the bridesmaid’s posies from the florist whom you have assigned your wedding flower responsibility. Place the order well in advance in this case. These flowers are fragrant, having a heavenly smell. The good thing is that the scent of these flowers is delicate, without being too over powering. They are best to be featured as the wedding flowers, be the summers get too hot for your wedding venue. These flowers will just cool you with their scent.


One of the most popular choices for the bridal bouquet are the frangipani flowers that are simple propeller shaped and have a very lovely contrast when used with flowers like rose. If you plan for a tropical wedding or some other exotic themed wedding then these flowers are perfect symbolization for your wedding. They have a waxy finish and are quite long lasting when we talk about their blooming period. There are two major types of these flowers, obtuse and rubra respectively. They represent the shelter and protection and are considered to ward off the evil spirits thus these are actually good for bride to carry in the form of bridal bouquet. Apart from their usage to the bride they form as great table centerpieces decoration flowers.


Gerbera is one of the most renowned cut flower present in the world! These are well available in all the seasons so you can get them for sure as your wedding flowers. Versatility is something that these flowers are good at. They can be used solely for the bridal bouquet but also when mixed with the flowers of other types and colors; they look better then as well. Roses and tulips form a good contrast with gerberas. So do confirm prior from your florist weather he can get you these all.


Peonies are gorgeous, gracious and very charming. They tend to become the bride’s favorite pretty soon. The ideal time to use them in the weddings is late spring to the long summers. So they do qualify the list of the summer wedding flowers that you can give a shot. They are ultra-girly and fragrance filled flowers. You can use them as the round bridal bouquets, flowers for the flower girls and the bridesmaid’s bouquets. These flowers may be used for the decoration of the centerpieces, aisle and the wedding arch as well.

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