Reasons to marry or not to marry, everything you should know

Giving your consent for marriage is never a child’s play. You have to be cool enough and analyze if you are mentally and physically prepared to face the changes in your life after marriage. Some pessimists prioritize on the cons of marriage and conclude that they are happy to be single. A group of optimists lay stress on the pros of marriage only and think it is the most brilliant experience of the lifetime. Now, if you are matured enough to tie the wedding knot and getting perplexed about what to do then read what we have to say. The pros and cons of marriage compiled here will help you decide what to do. Read on:



1. Companionship:

When you decide to tie the wedlock you can be fully assured that there will be someone who will be your companion throughout your lifetime. Every time you get morose or feel lack of confidence there will always be someone to stand beside you. History reveals that woman is always the most confident and trustworthy companion of a man in every aspect. So, by giving your consent for marriage you get the companion of lifetime.

2. Love, Sex And Commitment:

The bondage of marriage is based on some of the fundamentals like love, sex and commitment. Once you are married you can rely on your spouse even with your eyes closed. This is the strength of commitment. Moreover, there can be no other better way to enjoy sex other than marriage. Sexual encounter with the life partner is a way to express your love than merely satisfying your urge. Will it not be really pleasing to know that you are loved by someone and your feelings always get reciprocated?

3. Financial Security :

Marriage gives much more financial security as compared to a condition when you are single. It is always helpful to get the financial support of someone who is really close to your heart during situations of severe cash crunch. A spouse is the only person on earth who renders financial help without asking for anything in return. This is the magic of married life.


Marriage gives the opportunity to raise a family and take care of each of its members jointly. Human being is a social being. So, who can completely deny that he or she will never ever wish to have a complete family life? In modern society there are lots of single parents with offspring. But it has been found that children grow best when they get the love and care of both the parents. So, marriage is the only measure for perfect parenting too.

5.Household support:

Sharing life together implies that both of you share your futures dreams and aspirations too. So, marriage is a way of getting mentally and physically supported to fight the odds of life. Although you might face occasional misunderstandings but things get solved more amicably when you have the support of your spouse.


1.It costs Freedom and Liberty:

As soon as you get into wedlock it creates boundaries of dos and don‘ts around you. You are bound by protocols and your freedom gets hampered. Whether you want it or not you will have to share some part of your personal life, preferences and money with someone.

2.Kills Sex Life:

Living with the same partner and being committed is a bane to sexual adventures. You cannot enjoy sexual encounter with new partners as that is considered unethical in a marriage. Moreover, family responsibilities, burden, parenting, and financial issues also work in curbing the sexual urge of the partners after few years of marriage. So, sex life ultimately gets killed.


Divorces are common in the recent times. When you get married you are in constant fear of getting divorced. With the slackening of divorce laws, today cases are being filed on reasons like mental incompatibility, lack of frequency, etc. So, the constant trauma of getting divorced corrodes your mind and diminished your efficiency towards other things in life. The unfortunate couples who really pass through divorce often become mentally shattered. While some of them take lot of time to return back to normal life many others fail to embrace life as they did in pre marital stage.

4.Boredom and Monotony in Married Life:

After a few years of marriage all the passion seems to get submerged under issues like financial problems, ego problems, personal differences, and external factors like interference of in laws and parental responsibilities. Illness, aging, lack of communication between couples are some of the other obvious causes that make life limited to a cycle of waking up in the morning, running for living, having four square meals a day and going to sleep again. So, entering into marital life signals obvious phase of boredom in the longer run.

5. Marriage is Expensive:

Once you step inside a marital tie you must be sure that your expenditures are only going to get multiplied. Even if both of you are working having children after marriage and raising them up will indicate more expenditure than saving. Now, you can very well understand what will be the case of a single earner in a marriage!

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