Try tranquil Fiji for a unforgettable wedding

Destination wedding adds personal flavor to the nuptial ceremony. Therefore, if your wedding is round the corners then our suggestions is indulge yourself in a never before experience of tying the wedlock in a beautiful destination. Fiji can be the perfect backdrop for the initiation of your romantic journey with your lifetime companion. Located in the South Pacific region, this conglomerated landmass of 300 beautiful islands has many things to offer to the would-be married couples who wish to come here to tie the nuptial knot.

Wedding in Fiji

Why Fiji?

Away from the claustrophobic life of the urban world, wedding in Fiji will instill in you the feeling of stepping into a tropical paradise on earth. The serenity of the natural surroundings, the panoramic view of the 333 magnificent Fiji islands, white sandy beaches overlooking the clear blue ocean ripples and the coconut trees dotting the shore and swaying to and fro with the pleasant tropical breeze will surely mesmerize you. One of the favorite spot for the wedding couples all over the world, Fiji will never give you a chance to complain about the several wedding amenities it provides.

How to get there?

You can board any international flight that connects with Nadi International Airport if you are coming from any place in the world. It is the main international airport in Fiji. But for the Australia based couples there are water transport facilities to Fiji too. As you reach Fiji you will get a number of transport options, like private cabs, share taxis, mini vans and public buses that will take you to your final destination. For inter-island touring you can avail of the public ferries too.

Wedding types

1. Beach wedding

Beach Wedding

When planning to tie the wedlock in Fiji who will not wish to join the bandwagon of wedding couples who prefer beach wedding the most? The white beaches, warm tropical breeze, the famous “bula” charm and the scattered private resorts along whole stretch of the beach provide the perfect romantic ambiance for every nuptial couple. You need not worry about your pocket too as the resorts offer various packages to suit the affordability of every couple. All you need to do is secure your copy of marriage license from the nearest registry office in the island prior to the ceremony.

2. Cruise Wedding

Cruise Wedding

The adventure loving couples will surely not wish to miss the opportunity to go for a cruise wedding in Fiji. There will probably be nothing more passionate than vowing for eternal togetherness amidst the blue waters of the ocean. Fiji offers you opportunities of getting into martial tie on board or even on a private beach, away from the rush and hush of mundane city life. So, go ahead and indulge in your desire of having cruise wedding in Fiji just the way you have ever fantasized.

3. Religious wedding

Religious wedding

If you are purely religious at heart but wish to have a romantic wedding too, then the Fiji holds surprises for you too. Fiji is aptly described as a secularist land where you are free to wed adhering to your own religious customs with nature as your romantic setting. Talking about Christianity in particular, the number of churches in Fiji give you the chance of getting married in the way you prefer, be a purely Catholic wedding or a Methodist nuptial ceremony.

Wedding venues:

1. Lomani Island Resort Fiji

Lomani Island Resort Fiji

With the choice of the most simple and private weddings to the gala nuptials, Lomani Island Resort offers you an array of facilities. For those who wish to make your marriage a never before gala event, just imagine how dramatic will it be to have Fijian traditional warriors and the entire church choir join in the merriment together with you?

2. Plantation Island Resort

Plantation Island Resort

You can be fully assured that your wedding will definitely be a hit if you select Plantation Island Resort as your venue. This popular venue handles over 30 wedding in Fiji every year. This venue arranges the weddings in the late afternoon. It is in adjustment with the last connecting flight to the place so that none of the couples miss the day for tying their wed lock.

3. Sheraton Fiji

Sheraton Fiji

One of the most luxurious wedding venues of the world, wedding in Sheraton Fiji gives you moments that you will really treasure. Right from the private island wedding to a Christian chapel wedding to an open air garden wedding with the purple blue evening sky overlooking, this venue has everything you had been looking for.

4. Treasure Island Resort

Treasure Island Resort

Treasure Island Resort is a real treasure when talking about the popular wedding venues in Fiji. It is perhaps the most romantic destination in South Pacific. The modern restaurants with mouth watering cuisines, the fully equipped bar offering La carte International menus, intimate poolside candlelight settings and the Sigavou Chapel with its marble and glass décor together create the perfect ambiance of a romantic wedding.

5. Taveuni Palms Resort

Taveuni Palms Resort

You can consider Taveuni Palms Resort as one of your wedding venues in Fiji too. The world class facility of the resort is in perfect combination with the natural outdoor setting. You will even love to know that the resort offers some premium facilities with the wedding package too, such as bridal bouquet, Fijian warrior escorts, wedding cake, etc. So, do you need any further reason for choosing Taveuni Palms as your popular choice?

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