Tips for renting a perfect wedding arch and decorating the wedding hall

perfect wedding arch

One of the important elements of the décor of a wedding venue is the wedding arch. Wedding arches are essential for an outdoor wedding. They add a touch of elegance and beauty to the space. Wedding arches are a superb way to define the space, particularly if you are using a unconventional venue like the beach or the countryside. Apart from that, they are the perfect envisions of the awaiting joy that would fill your life after getting married.

A brief introduction to wedding arches

Wedding arches are structures that are usually temporary and movable. It is under this structure the bride and bridegroom stand as they recite their vows. These arches are usually raised near the entrance or center of wedding venues, marking a warm welcome for guests. And if the arches are exquisitely embellished the beauty of the ambiance is lifted. There’s more to wedding arches than we usually know. The arches represent the home that you are building together by the recitation of your vows to one another.

Things to consider while renting a wedding arch

Although wedding arches can be custom-made, many couples now opt for to renting one. Lovely though they may look, what on earth would you do with one after the ceremony. Though many might snub at renting wedding arches, it has many benefits. First, the renting company will offer you special pick-up and delivery of the arch. They will have it installed at any spot you want. The company could also install it for you if you think time is running out or you don’t know how to set up one. Moreover, they also offer and provide as well as suggest a number of designs and styles to fit your wedding needs. But before you consider renting wedding arches there are few things that need to be taken into consideration to ensure a smooth and hassle free wedding ceremony.

1. Choosing an arch

perfect wedding arch

You can choose from the different kinds of wedding arches available with rental firms. The wedding arches rentals firms offer many varieties like simple metal wedding arches, large chutzpah-like arches, lattice arches, antique arches with ornate scroll work and a gate, silver with geometric designs, arches made of balloons, arches made with dried vines that have been draped over a metal structure to maintain their shape etc. The choices are infinite. All these wedding arches can be chosen depending upon your theme of wedding.

2. Space

Although you may envisage a grand event, the first thing you need to do is measure the space where you want to set up the arch. You need to do this to ensure that the arch you choose fits into the place where you want it to be.

3. Embedding the arch

The second thing to consider is that you need to decide is how to embed the wedding arch. If for e.g. your wedding theme is a beach wedding or amidst nature i.e. in the woods, it would be easy to embed the wedding arch in the sand or in the ground but if your wedding would be held on any kind of platform or concrete or walkway, then you need to make sure that the wedding arch has been secured in a proper manner.

4. Arch decoration

perfect wedding arch

Wedding arches as such can be unattractive by themselves. So they need to be done up well. Therefore, you need to make sure that the rental firm decorates the wedding arch. If they don’t, you need to use your creativity and do it yourself. You can play up with a flower garland, a little tulle and some ribbons to decorate the wedding arch. Voilà! You have a cute arch.

5. Inspect the arch

Inspect the wedding arch thoroughly. Ensure that it is not damaged or worn out. During repeated assembling, dismantling and reassembling of the arch, little parts like screws easily get lost or misplaced. So it is advisable to thoroughly check the wedding arch before signing the order and confirming the delivery.

6. Watch the budget

Before renting a wedding arch you have to consider and evaluate your budget. If you are planning a low key event, then you could opt for a simple metal arch which costs less and which you can decorate all by yourself. If your event is grand, then you could go for the many varieties available.

7. Get the perfect size

perfect wedding archThis is the most important aspect to consider. If you and your fiance are tall, look for wedding arches that are tall and grand. If you two are petite and don’t want to be overwhelmed then opt for wedding arches that do justice to your body type. And if you are on the plus size side, make sure your wedding arch comes in a wider and spacious size.

8. Avail the best discounts

During wedding season, a lot of wedding arch rental firms offer discounts. Ask the rental firms whether they will offer you a discount for renting multiple decorations as they cut back the wedding expenses drastically.

9. Get an early delivery

After signing the deal for renting wedding arches, insist on an early delivery of the same to personally see to it that they have properly decorated and secured before the arrival of your guests.

10. Returning the arch

perfect wedding archAfter the event is over, you can ask a friend of a family member to return the arch. This will cut back the expense of delivery fees. Although the rental firms do offer to pick it up and take it back, this is an expense that can be avoided.

Tips to decorate a wedding hall and wedding arch

Weddings are special and so are the arrangements that make the event all the more memorable. When everything from rings to dresses is hand chosen, how can the wedding hall be ignored or left in the hands of strangers? If you want the venue to be nothing but exquisite and filled with warmth, then scroll through these ideas and make your wedding the most joyous event ever. Below are a few tips that will make your wedding hall stand out and win unending praises as you walk hand in hand with the love of your life.

1. Add color

perfect wedding archA dull looking wedding hall can be a major put off. Choose an arrangement in colors that will make the place look lively and inviting. White sure sounds a safe option, but can look quite boring. A dash of color, in the form of colorful veils and other decorations, will add vivaciousness and elegance. The colors can be matched with the bride’s dress or even other decorations. But, don’t go too over board while picking colors. Make sure the chosen hues make the hall look pleasant and not gaudy, which pricks the eye and makes the space look like a circus hall.

2. Flowers

You can never go wrong with flowers. These delicate additions come smothered with a charm that can intoxicate just anyone. Flowers have always been an important part of wedding decorations and will add a magical touch to the hall in a wink. Use them in bunches, place them in nicely crafted vases or sprinkle petals all across the floor, the choice is yours.

3. Lighting

perfect wedding archWhat is a wedding without a lot of romance flowing all across the place? Make the wedding hall look whimsically sensuous with subtle lighting that will cast an amazing glow. One can choose from chandeliers lights, curtain lights and even candles that will flicker lending a very romantic feel.

4. Walls

The largest space present in a wedding hall is in the form of plain walls, which is most of the times left as it is or just ornamented with flowers. Use it in a creative way by hanging pictures that are a reminiscent of good times spent together and show a journey of your blossoming love. You can also ask friends and family to bring one picture each and pin it on the walls, which can also be arranged in an impressive way on a family tree. There is also an option to take Polaroids of guests entering the wedding hall, which can be given to them as a keepsake later.

5. Add visual breaks

perfect wedding archMake the space at hand all the more intimate with floral archways, sculptures, vintage glass bottles, potted plants, decorative fountains, ice sculptures and sculpted trees that will jazz up the overall presentation. Decorative napkin holders, apothecary jars, centerpieces, floating candles and tablecloths will make the area even more appealing.

6. Party Items

Party items like balloons, streamers and other buntings will help create a party atmosphere and will be a sure short hit. If you are planning to decorate the hall with holiday themed decorations, then buy these at bargain prices when most of the retailers are trying to get rid of their holiday stock.

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