Romantic spring wedding flowers for the new beginning of your life

Spring is one of the best times when people who are in love or engaged decide to tie the wedding knot. So if you have decided to get married this spring then there is one thing that you will be looking for sure, which is, the spring wedding flowers. Talking about the wedding flower choices in this category, you do have some of the best known wedding flowers to surprise you. Spring is the season when the faded colors of winters choose to blossom with the colors of romance. Everything looks so romantic and lively during this time. So better get the spring wedding flower ideas that will make you fall in love with your partner, in a lovely way when you say, “I do”, holding the pretty flowers in your hands.


They have to top the list as they are the all time favorite spring wedding flowers among the masses. Tulips well adjust with other flowers in a bridal bouquet and also when they are alone forming the whole bundle. They are stylish and elegant for any of the wedding themes or the wedding venues. Only if your florist knows how to condition them well and not letting them droop, these flowers are the best ones you can opt for. They come in a vast variety of colors and you can suit your taste and opinion when you choose them for your big day.


Spring represents new beginnings and hope. There are so many flowers that have been associated with this season but the most fragrant ones remain the hyacinths. These are sweet-smelling flowers that come in lot many color options. The blue hyacinths and the related colors to blue are much used though. These flowers bloom in the period between March and April so these can be got without much of the hustle, that too with a local florist or even a gardener. If you do love them, then you can order them six or so months prior to your wedding from some wholesale flower retailer online.
When you get them with yourself just make the best out of these at your wedding. These spring wedding flowers can enhance the beauty of your wedding décor and the wedding bouquets that are carried.

Muscari, or the popularly known ‘grape hyacinths’ are the bell shaped flowers which are great to use with the roses of the right contrast to form a bridal bouquet.


Roses are not famous as the spring wedding flowers but we have to take them in this list because they are abundant in spring and easy to obtain. Well you may say that they are the most sought after wedding flowers after all! They are formal in appearance unlike the most spring wedding flowers. The more you will have them at your wedding the more formal will your wedding look. So you have to balance them in a good way with some other flowers like orchids, lilies and daisies. That will provide your wedding decorations a flirty, romantic and a dramatic look. Even when you prepare them for the bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets or the small baskets that are carried by the flower girls, do mix them with other flowers. And if you are the groom care to give your love a red rose just when you greet her.


Daffodils, the ones who even are mentioned in the lot many poems are too artistic flowers to be used as the spring wedding flowers. They have been the favorite ones when it comes to the classic and vintage weddings. Yellow is the most in-demand color but there are white varieties as well. The standard sized daffodils can be well used for the table decorations and the bouquets whereas the small sized or the mini-daffodils can be used as corsages. You can even DIY the daffodil bouquets on your own.


Having the colorful blooms that look exotic, the orchids represents style and wealth. Brides of all ages love orchids. These flowers have some tropical beauty attached to them. They make good wedding flowers if you are planning a beach themed wedding. The good thing about orchids that will surprise you is that though they look very delicate, they do not wilt that easily. These flowers can go well without water for a longer duration of time. Now that is some awesome feature of these flowers and just to add these flowers can bear a little rough handling as well. What more will you wish to be the quality of the wedding flower you desire for!

Cherry blossoms

Nothing can depict the spring’s arrival so truly as does the cherry blossoms. They are soon turning out to be the best spring wedding flowers. Traditionally, they were used in weddings of only a few parts of the world but now people like this all around the world. There is no end to the decoration possibilities that you can come up with the cherry blossoms. From wedding cake to the table centerpieces and from flower bouquets to the wedding passages you can use them everywhere. Even if you can get cherry twigs with cherry blossoms intact also serve as great flower decorations. The whole idea of using these pretty spring flowers is all romance personified. Likewise, you can also use the other blossoms from the trees like plum and apple to add a further variety.


Also called by the name ‘Lily of the Nile’ though they are no lilies Agapanthus comes from as far as African continent to become the most desirable spring wedding flowers. Due to high on demand as the wedding flowers, these are not actually easy to be availed. But you can pre-order them just one or two months right before your spring wedding. These are generally blue colored and other shades as well. These are good to make the bridal and the bridesmaid bouquet. Table centerpieces formed with the Agapanthus look adorable.


A flower that has the innocence of the child and the romance of the young; one which is known to all is jasmine. When you consider for having a spring time wedding then you cannot miss including this lovely and pretty looking spring wedding flower. It has a unique fragrance to it. It is a flower that is native to the tropical and temperate regions that makes it available in the most parts of the world. The basic color of the jasmine is white and that is all-time favorite color of the wedding couples since decades. There are other colors of the flower jasmine available in the market besides the natural white color. With a mixture of some other spring flowers, jasmine can form a very good bouquet for the bride as well as the bridesmaids and the flower girls. You can also decorate the table centerpieces and the wedding arches with this beautiful flower.


Forming the inflorescence of tall flower spikes, delphiniums are grown almost everywhere in the world. These are found abundantly with the florists during the spring season. There are many hybrids of this spring wedding flower which provide variable colors to the flower species. Warm blue, hot pinks, softer white, pale pinks, pale blues and the salmon are the most loved ones. A unique thing about this flower is that it can make a great dried up flower and can form good dried confetti. These are good as centerpieces and can also find a place with mixture of some other spring flowers in the wedding bouquets.

Star gazer lilies

Among the lilies, one that has rapidly gained the glory of the recommended wedding flowers is the star gazer lily. It has a good floral heavenly scent and is a great choice to make for all phases of wedding decorations. If you are using other kinds of lilies at your wedding then you be assured that the star gazer lily will add a richer legacy to all of them. These make good mono-bouquets and there is no need to use any other flower at all. There color makes them symbolic to the spring season.

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