Unique and cool wedding ideas for summer

With sun high in the blue spread sky summers denotes sunshine, warmth and the much longer afternoons. Evenings come with a little of breeze and lovely atmosphere around. Summer weddings have always been popular and then there are numerous themes that one can choose for the summertime weddings. Beach themed weddings are one of the most loved themes of this wedding season. Other good themes are like the birds and bees theme, ladybug themed weddings, orchard themed weddings, sunset themed weddings, ice cream themed weddings, garden themed weddings and lot many more. Here are a few unique and cool wedding ideas for summer wedding that you might like to read.

Summer wedding invitation ideas

Summer wedding invitations can be fun to workout with. Match a design that suits to perfection and your taste accordingly. Make your choice mutually in agreement with your wedding partner and opt for the wedding invitations that go perfectly with the summer wedding theme that you have chosen. For instance, if you have planned a beach wedding theme then you can get the blue colored or the beach themed invitations. Put them in the glass bottles and just send them to the wedding guests. For the garden of the outdoor wedding theme you can send a wedding invitation that has the garden theme in the background. You can enclose a picture of your own garden. Give likewise touch to any of the theme that you choose. Add some innovation by sending small wedding favors to the relatives and friends whom you love the most. Like a box of cherries or a honey bottle along with the invitations.

Summer wedding dresses and attire ideas

As of the wedding dress, for brides it is a good season. Mostly in this season you will find that the most recommended bridal dresses are sleeveless and strapless. Fabrics that are mostly employed to make dresses for this wedding season are generally light in texture and appearance. Go for fabrics like organdy, chiffon, linen, crepe and the light weighted silk. Prevent dress from adding the bulk to it.
Even the bridesmaids can opt for the lighter fabrics and choose to wear the short bridesmaid dresses that are available in plenty. Men can wear linen suits or the cotton shirts with much informal outfits. Choose bright colors like white and sky blue so as to beat the heat off and look cool. Also consider using the straw hats. Get a good professional hair stylist for yourself and all the wedding participants. Summers give a tough time to the hairstyles but a good hairstylist can always make you look beautiful or handsome with his/her skills. Brides can add a single beautiful looking flower to their hairdo. Let the children wear clothes that are comfortable and suits the weather.

Summer wedding food menu ideas

Add nice fresh fruits in your wedding food menu. Watermelons, berries, corns and other fresh vegetables can make the food look delicious and wanted. Offer some refreshing granitas and sorbets between the courses as an additional dessert. An ice cream parlor just for the wedding can be a great idea as well. Fresh seafood, oysters and lobsters also work great. If you are planning for the homemade food then you can have a backyard barbecue or the traditionally wedding picnic food. Natural items that beat of the heat like honey and lemon can add beautiful touches with the variety of delicacies that can be prepared with them. Tropical drinks like the coconut and the pineapple drinks can be great as the summer wedding beverage. Apart from that if its a beach summer wedding there is always some space for the beers, wine and the champagne.

Summer wedding flower ideas

Sunflowers, bird of paradise, bells of Ireland, forget me not, gladioli, beautiful calla lilies, freesia, frangipani, big and pretty gerberas and the peonies can make good summer wedding flowers. You can also use the artificial wedding flowers to make the wedding décor look beautiful. Flowers like sunflower can even make a one good wedding theme for you to celebrate the great day of your life. Try to decorate the table centerpieces, wedding aisle, the wedding arch and the wedding cake table with the flowers and their petals. For the bridal bouquets you can go for singular family of flowers like the calla lilies or can try a mix to have a company of few other flowers. Other wedding bouquets can be designed in the same manner. Try having a floral designer for your wedding who are expert in the floral wedding decorations.

Summer wedding favor ideas

The wedding favors in the summer wedding season have to have the taste of the season. Send you wedding guests fresh fruits like pears and apples. If you have planned a beach wedding then you must give things like seashells, sand dollars or the beach themed candle to your loved ones. Beautiful wooden fans and the umbrellas can also make their way into the summer wedding favors. Honey filled vessels tied with sunflowers can be another unique idea. For the evening wedding party you can lit the paper lanterns that are in fashion these days and share some moment of joy and happiness together as a wedding group with your wedding guests. For children give some cool looking caps as your wedding favors.

Summer wedding décor ideas

Wedding venues for the summer season is more likely to be a beach, a garden or some beautiful yard as none want to celebrate the beautiful day in the indoors. You can sure take some advantage of the enchanting sunsets and the beautiful horizons that are characteristic to the summers. Say your vows as the sun goes down. For the décor choose some good looking flowers along with bright colored balloons. Centerpieces integrated with a water fountain are a great pick. Choose small lighting arrangements and the hanging paper lanterns for the outdoor or the garden summer weddings. Watering cans or the glasses filled with colored water is another wonderful option for the décor.

Summer wedding centerpieces ideas

Centerpieces have to look unique and exquisite for your summer wedding. Many abundant styles of centerpieces options are that can be created just for your wedding day and the reception. There can be the elegant rose formed arrangements with some spice added with the seashells and the sunflowers. Use bright colors with every item that you choose for decorating the centerpieces. Fresh fruits can do wonders as they can form the edible centerpieces. Cherry blossoms make good centerpieces if you can get them at the time of your wedding. For beach themed weddings use the things that can be synonymous to the ocean or the sea. Natural decorative stones put into the glass vessels with some water will also look wonderful as centerpieces.

Summer wedding music ideas

From hiring a local musician band to the jazz players you can try as much as diversity when it comes to the summer wedding music. Hot summers are better complimented with the slow and heartfelt music. The music genres that comprises of the slow paced songs are good to decide upon. Try including music at the time of the bridal shower ceremony and the other important activities involved in the wedding. If you are having a wedding abroad then it will be good to have the traditional music players of that country to give you some wedding music.

Summer wedding cake ideas

Colorful cakes are symbolic and obvious for the summer wedding. But usually with all that heat in the atmosphere your wedding day cake can get a bit of the heat burns! Take a good time when ordering for the cake at this point of time in the year. Your wedding cake must be able to withstand all that heat. You can choose for the cupcakes that are in fashion for the summer weddings. Add as much as color to your wedding cake and decorate the wedding cake table with some cool looking hues and colors. Balloons are a nice option to do the decoration part. Wedding cakes can be made homemade if you are planning a garden themed wedding on a sunny day.

Summer wedding theme ideas

Wedding themes can be better utilized in summers. One of the couples favorite theme still remains the beach theme which is the theme just meant for the summers. Sunflower themed wedding is another nice wedding theme with sunflowers all over the wedding décor. Honey themed weddings can be a good take for experimentation. Orchard themed weddings are best to give a try for this season. You can choose for a lovely orchard far from the busy cities and spend some quality time with your family and friends to make for the perfect summer wedding.

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