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Some social media rules that should be a part of your wedding

by DrPrem Jagyasi

At times when everyone is socially active, it has become important to understand a few rules or commandments when it comes to updating friends on a wedding. Whether it is you posting your wedding updates or your guests doing it, some etiquetteare essential to follow. Find out how you can prevent unnecessary or unwanted posts away from Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Create an interesting hashtag

Hashtag notification concept

By creating and communicating a cute hashtag to your wedding guests, you can actually have access to everyone’s pictures taken at the wedding. Display this hashtag at the venue in different ways. For instance, it can be printed on paper napkins or displayed by the bar and food stalls. This will ensure that nobody is posting something objectionable and unappealing, without the will of the couple.

Put signs to stay phone-free

stay phone-free

Many guests are enthusiastic to add their photos clicked with the couple or capturing the venue and décor. If you are a guest, then avoid doing it, as the couple would soon be adding pictures from a pro photographer they hired. It is best not to embarrass anybody by adding their picture they may not like. If you are a bride or groom, then put some signs around your venue that request guests to stay phone-free. Do it in a polite manner.

Stay away from revealing your wedding plan

Sexy woman lying working with a laptop

It is necessary to have a surprise  element for your wedding guests. Thus, never add all your wedding planning pictures on social media. While you may love shopping for shoes and dresses, it is better to tell others about it when you talk to them personally. Make sure that your Pinterest wedding boards stay a secret.

Do not handle social media on wedding day

Bride and bridesmaid in bridal shop

At least, spare yourself when it is your wedding day. Handover your accounts and even your smartphone to your bridesmaid so you may enjoy your special day sincerely.

No wedding jokes allowed

No wedding jokes

If you are a guest, then it is critical for you to understand that you must not share a joke on the couple, the wedding, the décor,and anything related to the wedding. While being sarcastic can be funny on a few occasions, wedding is definitely not the one.

Be more understanding

professional photographer

This commandment is applicable to both the guests and the couple. If a guest posts an objectionable picture, then it is best for the couple to request them in a polite manner to take that down. As a guest, you should keep a low profile and should not interfere with the job of a professional photographer.

As the wedding planning and arrangements are more fun while they stay a secret for guests, you should follow some social media rules while communicating the same to your friends.

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