Splendid ideas for Valentine’s Day themed wedding

Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly the most coveted occasion for lovers across the globe. If you have decided to tie the wedlock on this significant 14th of February, then we must admit that you are truly romantic at heart. Now, as for your wedding, it is a necessity that you must cast this spell of romance and passion in the air on that day. We suggest that you can do this by incorporating a Valentine’s Day theme on your nuptial. We have also gathered a handful of ideas that will fit perfectly with this international love theme. Read on further to make your matrimony on the 14th Feb a gala success.

1. Love themed invitation

Love theme wedding invitation

Since inviting your esteemed guests is the primary step in preparation for the D-day, so the invitation must speak of your theme wedding as well. You can always rely upon everything that is heart shaped to reflect pure love. Be further innovative by getting hold of wedding invitation cards that bear the image of Cupid. The selection of color for your wedding invitation card must also be very specific. Stick to colors like red, pink and white as they symbolize love, passion and purity. Although painstaking but your effort will be further praised if you are able to create some customized love notes on them.

2. Valentine’s day backdrop

Valentine wedding celebration

Right on the day you tie the wedlock your preparations should be at their heights so that the Valentine’s Day themed wedding achieves grand success. There is nothing more superior to the soft light of candles to create an ambiance of enchantment and love. So, you must be particular about selecting a spot which allows you to light up candles and expel the use of neon lights and tubes as much as possible. It will be even better if you can book an outdoor setting with lush greenery and beautiful flora and fauna around. Decorate the venue with fresh roses to depict the romanticism in you. By the way, we will always suggest you to book your venue in advance as you can very well apprehend the amount of rush you have to face on that day.

3. Theme centerpiece

Theme centerpiece

Wedding centerpiece is the most integral part of a wedding décor. So, you must leave an impression of love and romance in the selection of the perfect wedding centerpiece for your Valentine’s Day theme wedding. Red roses are the best reflection of love. So, we recommend you to install vases on the dining tables and stack in bunches of red roses. These centerpieces will do the needful in expressing your feelings perfectly and setting the mood of togetherness.

4.Valentine’s day themed wedding cake

Valentine’s day themed wedding cake

How can you underestimate the immense significance of the wedding cake on your nuptial? So, here we bring a great idea to spread the essence of love by means of your wedding cake. Go for chocolate flavored heart shaped wedding cakes. Since chocolate is an established aphrodisiac food so it will go perfectly with your theme. You can get your cake decorated with frosted rose icing and garnished with red plump raspberries, cherries and strawberries as a bonus effort.

5. Music of love

love tune

Music has a great appeal in changing the mood of a place. So, incorporating the right music in your wedding will set the spirit of love perfectly. Take prior preparations and arrange for music tracks that are soft numbers and have lilting tunes. You must always insist upon playing some of the eternal love songs that have remained the lovers’ favorite throughout the years.

6. The special attire

Wedding attire

Your clothing has a lot to say about your theme wedding. The theme of your nuptial gets reflected in the way you dress. So, we suggest that it will be a wise idea if you could stick to conventional wedding dresses rather than being too much experimental and modern. For grooms black formal tuxedo will be ideal and brides will look stunning in all white traditional bridal gowns. Red accents on them is an added advantage. As for the bridesmaids, insist them to be restrictive with red and pink dresses. Likewise, groomsmen must wear red ties along with red or pink boutonnieres.

7. The wedding platter

The wedding platter

If you have ever thought that the menu in a wedding has hardly anything to do with the theme then you are wrong. The right menu tells a lot about the way you have planned to tie the wedlock. Since love is what you need to depict in your Valentine’s Day theme wedding so it is integral that you incorporate some aphrodisiac food in the main course too. For your assistance we suggest that oysters, asparagus, almonds, fruit salad with chocolate sauce topping, grape wine are some of the aphrodisiacs. Find some yourself too and ask the chef to prepare some mouth watering dishes.

8. Silks depict love


Silk is a fabric that has always been associated with love. So, you should never miss the opportunity to use silks in your wedding too. Therefore, instead of the usual table spreads go for smooth silk. Use silk everywhere you can from the chair cover to buffet table spread and to everything else that needs a fabric sheath. Go for colors like red, pink and white for the same.

9. Special romantic touch

Special romantic touch

You can be a bit more innovative with your Valentine’s Day theme wedding by running your idea further. You can keep immortal love notes on the tables of your wedding guests. You can use wall hangings with some famous love quotes to decorate your wedding venue. You can also stack cozy cushions in pink and red shade in the lounge area to capture the feel.

10. Romantic wedding favor

Romantic wedding favor

Wedding valor is the last but the most important thing that must be considered with utmost seriousness. So, hold back the spirit of enchantment and love and make your wedding guests remember this theme wedding for years to come. Opt for favors like heart shaped chocolates, love cookies, love notes, gifts packed in heart shaped boxes, love icons, etc.

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