Unique wedding gifts to delight bride and groom

The moment you receive a wedding invitation from someone very dear to you, you start thinking of a perfect wedding gift that could delight the couple. While deciding the wedding gift, you need to consider your budget and the taste of the bride and the groom. A good wedding gift does not mean that it has to be expensive only. Instead, it should be unique, creative and special. When it comes to selecting a perfect wedding gift for the bride and groom, the ideas are as endless as your imagination. Personalized wedding gifts, which would be cherished by the bride and groom for a long time, are a great idea. However, the selection totally depends on the budget, your relation with the couple and the likes of bride and groom. Here we have listed some of the most unique wedding gifts you could consider giving the bride and groom.Hand Painted Family Portrait Plates and Platters
Personalized wedding gifts are something the bride and groom will cherish for a long time. You might love to consider the Hand Painted Family Portrait Plates and Platters as a unique gift for the couple. Gifting a platter with figures resembling the family members definitely seems a cool idea. You can go for different backgrounds and select the color themes for the figures on the platter to create a unique pottery piece. The Hand Painted Family Portrait Plates and Platters make a for a unique and cheap wedding gift that would surely delight the couple.
Handcrafted custom furniture Clarner Woodworks
Yet another nice wedding gift idea is custom furniture, which the couple could use for years to come. For instance, you can check out the sturdy and stylish furniture units from Clarner Woodworks, which would serve as unique wedding gift for any occasion, especially a wedding. You can go for a customized furniture items to suit the liking of bride and groom. 
Butterfly Wedding Dance Floor Decal
This unique floor decal personalized with the bride and groom’s names and wedding date will undoubtedly make for a great wedding gift, which the couple won’t be able to forget for years. The butterfly filled background adds to the overall looks of the large floor decal. The Butterfly Wedding Dance Floor Decal can be customized with different colors for the background and stylish fonts for the names and dates. 
Personalized Photo Bag

Do you want to give something trendy to the couple on their wedding day? If yes, this personalized photo bag seems to be a great option. We can say for sure that every time the couple will look at the photo on the bag, they are going to cherish the special moment. Along with the photo, a personalized message like “Together Forever” would look great and will remind the couple of the big day and their love for each other.

Mature Premium Range Indoor Bonsai
If the bride and groom happen to be eco conscious, gifting them an indoor plant is a neat idea. You could consider this Mature Premium Range Indoor Bonsai as a unique gift to the couple on their wedding day. The couple would easily understand you feelings behind the green gift and would definitely preserve it well. The beautiful bonsai tree comes inside a cream/ivory ceramic bonsai pot with a tray.
Ceramic Bird Bath by The Orchard
Are you looking for something in ceramics as a wedding gift? Check out this unique and beautiful ceramic bird bath, which is available in different designs. The largest version available here comes in blue and white, with the birds sitting on the bath’s edge. To make the thing even more special, you can go for planters, pots or hanging baskets that will perfectly complement the ceramic bird bath. 
Mini Vineyard by The Gluttonous Gardener
This seems to be a perfect gift for the bride or groom who happens to be a wine lover. The couple would love to receive this Mini Vineyard as their wedding gift. The couple can have their own vineyard in your backyard. Packaged in a stylish wooden gift box, the vineyard comes in the form of a white and red grape vine. The couple will always cherish the memories of their wedding day while sitting by the side of vineyard having a glass of wine in their backyard. 
Marriage Bed Pillowcases by Twisted Twee
Everytime the married couple will go to bed, this wedding gift would remind them of their special day. The Marriage Bed Pillowcases by Twisted Twee, available in three designs – Just Married, Still Married, Barely Married – looks to be a great wedding gift. Moreover, you can also print the wedding date or get some unique message to make it a perfect wedding gift. The married couple would be surely delighted to find the Marriage Bed Pillowcases as one of the wedding gifts. 
Porcelain Milk Jug by Hanne Rysgaard Ceramics
Made by Hanne Rysgaard in pure ‘Handmade in Bristol’ ceramics, this Porcelain Milk Jug would serve as a nice wedding gift for the bride and groom. The stylish milk jug comes in clear glazed porcelain with a range of eye-catching surface decorations. Dishwasher and microwave safe, this jug on the breakfast table will always remind the couple of their marriage and the person who gifted it. 
Reclaimed Comic Decoupage Chair by Bombus
The reclaimed Comic Decoupage Chair by Bombus would unquestionably please an eco conscious couple. The vintage 1950’s cafe chair has been hand covered in the comic of your choice. You can go for the cover design – magazine, map or newspaper – that suits the liking of the couple. 

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