Things to do on your honeymoon in romantic Venice

If you have selected Venice as your honeymoon destination, you must have taken its panoramic splendor into consideration. But, to be honest, Venice offers more treats to make your honeymoon the most memorable experience of your lifetime. While its immense natural beauty plays a vital role in attracting nature loving couples, the innumerable amusement options are no less to make it a haven for adventure loving couples. So enjoy your honeymoon optimally by quenching your thirst of adventure, while pampering the romanticism in you. We bring here some of the most exciting things to do in Venice to make your honeymoon a fun filled event too. Include them in your to do list on your honeymoon trip and make it a mega success.

A gondola ride

Your honeymoon in Venice can not be complete without enjoying a gondola ride. This Venetian special boat that takes you across the indigenous canals is something to die for. Gondola, the slim boat will be your best companion in taking a ride across Venice and enjoying its natural magnificence, thereby getting mesmerizing in the romantic air with your spouse. Although official color of gondola is black, you can go for the decorated and cushioned versions also to harmonize with your temperament.

Sunset on St Mark’s Square

Pamper your passionate heart further by taking a tour of the ‘Heart of the city’. This is exactly what St. Mark’s Square is called as it stands as the only living emblem of the prowess, beauty and majesty of the Serenissima Republic of Venice. Take a stroll through the ancient fortress, hand in hand with your beloved. Enjoy the leisure hours by sitting closer to each other and taking a look at the moving city. All these will give a feeling that your love is historic, eternal and evergreen. Enjoying the enigmatic beauty of the sunset will be an extra bonus to it.

Visit the Bridge of Sighs

The Bridge of Signs has a historic significance as you may know. The war prisoners took the last view of Venice from this bridge before they were taken down for imprisonment in the cellar. They sighed for the last time as they would miss the visual treats forever that the natural gems of Venice offered to them! Although this will not be a melancholic experience for you, we bet you and your beloved will sigh taking a look at Venice from this bridge. Your sigh will be your reluctance to leave Venice when your honeymoon is over. Venice will act as a magnet for your heart, body and soul as you take a look at it from this bridge!

Romantic boat ride to the Venetian islands

This land of lakes gives you the prime opportunity to be one with nature and harness that beauty of its affluent water resources and scenic panorama. Pair with your beloved and enjoy each others’ presence in the lap of Venetian waters by taking a romantic boat ride across the Venetian lagoons. This never before sensuous ride will take you to the neighboring islands of Venice, Murano, Burano and Torcello. That are marked for their rustic ambiance and natural life that will spur your romanticism manifold.

Visit Lake Garda

This hot spot is Venice is sure to satisfy your soul with its natural scenery, while your heart will leap with the thrill and adventure-filled amusement options offered here. So, taking a two hours rail ride from the heart of the city will give you a grand opportunity to enjoying the most thrilling and romantic date with your love of life. Enjoy your day time with amusement options like kite boarding and wind-surfing, while the nights will be reserved for late night shopping, candle night fine dining and taking a tour if the fashion hot spots here.

Dolomite Mountains day trip

A day trip to the Dolomite Mountains will be a great idea to incorporate in your romantic honeymoon in Venice. Hardly 8 ½ hours of drive from the heart of the city will take you to this tranquil tourist attraction. This mountain view of Venice will render the most personalized attention of the tourist guide towards you and your spouse, educating you on various aspects of this serene village, dotted with high rising peaks and picturesque valleys. Never miss the heavenly opportunity to tap the beauty of the Dolomite peaks as the crimson red sun rays fall on them during the sunset.

Visit the St Mark’s Cathedral

Let the holy power bless you with eternal bliss as you visit Venice, in pair with your life partner. So, you must take visit the St. Mark’s Cathedral. It is one of the finest examples of Byzantine architecture that will enrich your knowledge too. The domes and spires of the same, dominating the skyline of St. Mark’s Square, feature a unique blend of the western and eastern architectural styles. The golden mosaics of the interior, splendid marble facade and the impressive bell tower will work towards raising the mercury level of your love.

Watch a romantic ballet or opera at Theatre La Fenice

A catalyst works in enhancing a reaction manifold. This time the royal Venetian ballet will be your prime catalyst in spurring your passion and romance in your life. So, make it a point to visit the romantic opera or sensuous ballet performance at the Theater La Fenice. Since yesteryear, this theater continues to be the premium attraction of tourists across the world. So, indulge in a love filled atmosphere by enjoying a romantic performance here with your partner by your side.

Venetian art at the Church of the Frari

The Chruch of Frai presents the breathtaking composition of artistic and spiritual features coupled with the historic architectural and cultural flavor. So, make your honeymoon a royal experience by visiting the ancient convent of the Friars Minor Conventual in pair and giving your eyes a royal treat by watching the masterpiece paintings of Titan, the head of the Church of Frari.

Visit Doge’s Palace

As you enjoy the panoramic view of the Venetian shorelines, you must be sure to visit the Doge’s Palace, which dots the shoreline of Venice. It was once the abode of Venice Doges or Dukes and the house of Venice’s government and judicial system. You and your lady love will love to see how this 19th century impressive architectural specimen outlines the shoreline and proceed towards the heart of your romantic destination.

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