Tips to take care of your engagement ring

An engagement ring is a very precious expressional asset for the love you have got into your life. It is like a small blessing to your wedding finger with the touch and the feel of your spouse lying there all the time. You got to take care of it in a proper manner. But many of us really do not know the way how we can care for them and never lose the shine that they possess. With all that dust and the wear and tear your engagement ring bears it all. Let it breathe with some of these engagement ring caring tips.

Engagement ring caring tips

Tips to take care of your engagement ring:

1. Always remember to take off your engagement or the wedding ring before some sport activity or when you know that it can get damaged.

2. Whenever you go for a make-up or apply some other cosmetics; you have to get your engagement ring off as all that chemicals are not good for any of the engagement rings.

3. Cleaning your house is a very tiring activity and whenever you do that it also brings in the dirt and the mess that you have to deal with. You surely do not want your engagement ring to get spoiled while you clean your household. Do remember to take the ring away from your wedding finger and keeping it in a safe place therefore.

4. Just keep in mind that is an engagement ring is a very valuable thing for you and your love. People do have the bitter taste when they lose it somewhere; all because of their careless behavior. So do make a place where you keep it every time you take it off.

5. Do not forget to clean your ring once in a while. It is good to clean it at least once in a month. Using baking soda for the cleaning is a wise thing to do as it is a non-corrosive agent that would not harm your engagement ring in any possible way. After you clean it up, just dry and polish it a little bit with some lint free cloth.

6. Do not keep your engagement ring with you while you swim or go into spas and hot tubs.

7. Do not rub your ring a lot as there is always a chance that you will distort its shape and make.

8. Always ensure that the chemical that you use to clean your ring is in no way abrasive and it does no damage to it.

9. Whenever you get your engagement ring in a wet condition, let it dry up and then wear it up after sometime.

10. For any serious damage done visit a professional jeweler and ask for opinion.

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