What women want most after marriage?

If you come across a married couple, then most often you might hear the wife complaining “My husband does not understand me”. At the same time, inquire her husband and his remark will be, “I don’t understand what she wants”. Frankly speaking, none of the partners are to be blamed for this. It is just that men and women have separate chemistry of their own. This is perhaps the root cause of all the complications post marriage. So, it is extremely challenging to make a successful journey into a woman’s heart. The resultant is that the wife remains perennially unhappy and the husband stays clueless about how to make her happy. But here we are at you service, with tips on what women want most after marriage. Follow them and make your wife feel blessed that she is your better half.


Women hate being treated as useless and inferior beings. So, if you wish to make your wife happy, give her respect. She should feel that you give importance to her advice, decision and her skills. We do not ask you to dance to her tunes, but you can always dismiss her proposals on a particular issue. But do it decently and amicably, instead of showing disrespect towards her.


Women crave for romance. Majority of women prioritize upon romance than hardcore sex. So, in case if you think that after marriage your romancing time is over and you should now concentrate upon conjugal pleasures and marital responsibilities only, then that will earn your wife’s discontent. So, continue being her boyfriend even after entering into the wedlock. Take her to surprise dates, go for repeated romantic honeymoons and buy her surprise gifts to win her heart forever.

Your time

She wants you above everything. Therefore, if you believe that your hectic work schedule or preferences of life give you practically no time to devote to her, then gifts and dinner treats are not going to help at all. Therefore, if you wish to see your wife smiling you have to give her time. We do not ask you to roll up all your vital work and sit in front of her throughout the day. But, taking out at least fifteen minutes to half an hour everyday is not at all a mammoth task. You can manage it anytime of the day, be it at the breakfast table or at bedtime. Mind it, this time should be exclusively for her and you must not indulge yourself in any other work simultaneously.


Marital relationships that do not have regular communications crash down soon. But being an active speaker and not letting your wife speak is also not the way of communication your wife looks forward to. Let her feel that she is heard too. Therefore, your duty will not be to communicate with her regularly, but also to let her speak while you remain a silent listener. Be particular about establishing eye to eye contact during such communications, so that she never feels that whatever she utters goes unheard.

Knowing the kind of sex they love

Men and women have a different ideas of sex. The most able man, who boasts of his sexual prowess, might fail to satisfy his wife in bed. So, if you wish to make your wife sexually pleased with you, it is essential to know the kind of sex she wants. Do not bang and finish off when you are satisfied. That will make your wife remain hungry. A woman needs time to warm up and cool down. So, you need to bear with her and adjust your frequencies accordingly.

Gratitude and Loyalty

Women prioritize on loyalty in a relationship. So, you must show that you are solely committed to her years after your wedlock. Create a situation where she must be able to trust you and seek for your support when needed. You must also express your gratitude to her for being such a wonderful life partner and for managing your family so well. Women seek recognition too. She will definitely be flowed on you.

Participation in Home Responsibilities

You must understand that life of every woman gets changed post marriage and motherhood. Therefore, your wife is also not an exception too. She might feel burdened with the loads of new responsibilities after marriage. Executing them single handed may be quite stressful for her. Why not lend a hand to her? After all, it is your family too. So, participating in domestic chores is never a feminine act. Rather, it will reflect that you have love for your family and your wife.

Humor and Humility

Putting some humor in your married life adds spice to the relationship. Women appreciate the fact that their male counterparts realize their mistakes and joke at them too. Too serious guys, who do like criticisms, never make good husbands. It is not that we are asking you to behave like a clown, but have a big heart to admit and laugh at your stupidity at times too.

Quality of thought

Remembering the special dates and giving gifts are not counted as quality thoughts by women. But they give emphasis on the emotion present in it. So, if you wish to make your wife happy then let her feel that she is remembered. A short and loving sms, or a gesture that you admire her or trying to cook a dish for her will be enough to express what you desire to say.

Quality of mercy

Women appreciate men who are generous enough to show mercy. Since mistakes are quite humane, so sticking to your wife’s mistakes and brooding over them repeatedly will only irritate her. So, we suggest that if the mistakes are quite nominal, instead of creating much rush and hush, have mercy on your wife. This will make your martial relationship stronger and she will think a number of times before committing the same mistake again.

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