Tips to cater your own wedding

While you plan your wedding, you might see catering as an area that will require much of your wedding expenditure. What if you can actually reduce the amount that you are going to spent on the catering that you will have at your wedding? The most possible way to do is by catering your own wedding. It is very much a realistic idea if you can manage the size of your wedding reception. It becomes messy to be taken care of if it’s a huge wedding. You can only cater to the perfection if the wedding is not that much huge. The reception finger foods and the drinks and beverages can be well managed by the family and friends of the bride-to-be. So if you get this hint and wish to cater your own wedding then here are few of the expert tips that you would love to have.

Look for the fresh and innovative ideas

Start looking for the new and creative ideas for the catering of your wedding two or more moths prior to your wedding. You can get the help from the wedding magazines and catalogues to do so. You can also start with the DIY centerpieces and other decorative stuffs that would be eventually used in your wedding reception. Getting a good wedding recipes magazine would also serve to be a great idea. DO consider the time and the season of your wedding.

Inspect your wedding guests list

As per a survey, it has been derived that the twenty percent of the wedding guests cannot make up to the weddings. So you must make an approximation about the number of the wedding guests that are prone to attend your wedding as well as the wedding reception. This will give you the hint about the amount of the food and the drinks that you are going to need. Just give a margin to the upper side for not lacking something.

Know the amount you can spend

You need to calculate the maximum of the amount that you can spend on your wedding catering. Generally wedding couples spend 30 to 50 percent on their wedding reception and the related catering. You must calculate the budgets that other areas of your wedding are going to need. Get everything regarding money in order just on the paper.

Planning the menu

You can have simple as well as the elegant food at your wedding. The former costs less and latter costs huge. It is up to you that what you really desire. It is not that the food and the drinks that cost less are bad and macabre. You can get a good cheap variety in the mouth watering wedding delicacies. Just take an approximation about the amount of the money that will be spent on a single person.

Make a list of separate food items

There are some food items that can be easily stored by refrigeration and other are the food items that you will have to get just on time of your wedding. Get opinion from all of your family and friends. Discuss what to include and what to not. Assign them the job of catering a particular food item.

Figure the inexpensive way to shop

These days you get many of the discount coupons, available online as well as in the food malls. You can get a good discount when you shop in bulk. Get familiar with all price offerings in the different sections and make a final decision that will save your wedding money.

Get a professional for the difficult tasks

There are things that you never wish to mess up with at the time of your wedding. For the catering tasks that look difficult to manage you must hire some professional and pay him well so as to suit your needs.

Get aware about the wedding venue

Before the actual day of your wedding and the wedding reception you have to get aware of the wedding venue that you have selected or hired. If you are having an outdoor wedding then you must plan the exact location of all the food stalls and the drinks counter. Make a sketch for your ease.

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