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Five tips for choosing the best bridal gift

It is not a new fact that the openings of the gifts are marked as the main event in any bridal shower ceremony. So, if you want the bride to remember your gift for the rest of her life, then do not forget to consider the following five factors

1. What to spend

Choose a gift, which you can afford and the acceptable price range for most of the bridal shower gifts is set at $25 to $75. On the other hand, if you have a creative mind then you can also present a homemade gift to the bride like a photo album, a crocheted afghan or even a family heirloom depending on the kind of relationship you have with the bride-to-be.


2. Etiquette

It is important for all guests to present gifts during bridal showers and the wedding ceremony as well and it would be completely out of etiquette if you think that you can get away with only a shower gift. So, don’t try to go overboard with your budget while purchasing the shower gift. All you need to do is choose a small yet meaningful gift within your budget for both the wedding and the shower.

3. Shopping strategies

The invitations for the bridal shower can itself give you clues regarding the kind of gifts the bride wants. For the couple shower events, you can buy some coed items like espresso makers, barware etc. However, if you are well acquainted with the fashion accessories taste for the bride then you can very easily impress her by buying her some fashionable items from her favorite brands. Although gift registries can help you to make a gift choice easily and quickly but you can always try to do something out of ordinary by creating something with your own hand.

4. Faux pas alert

Bridal showers can be fun and also get naughty at times but even then, try to choose a gift which will not make you and the bride as well feel awkward. You can gift some sexy lingerie and enjoy a good chuckle with the bride and the shower guests, but don’t even think about any kind of sex toys, as this will only make the bride feel awkward in front of her guests.


5. Packaging

Packaging is one of the most important part in a bridal shower gift. It is true that packaging are torn away as soon as the gift lands on the bride’s lap, but an odd packaging might disappoint the bride at the first look even if you have stored some extremely beautiful and expensive items inside the package. So, to make the first impression a lasting one, always try to wrap up your gift in a gorgeous package along with some beautiful well-wishing or token of friendship note.

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