Tips for creating your wedding website

There is a trend following in the present times that couples are well adapting with. This trend is of creating the wedding websites by the couples. Seeing the ease and the reach of the online presence and adaptability this makes a worthy choice. Moreover, when a couple creates their own wedding website then no paper gets wasted at all as everything is electronically created and shared. So, this also dissipates a feeling of a green eco-friendly wedding to the couples. But there sure are a few tips that you must borrow from us, if you are the next wedding couple this season and also you are going to create your own wedding website.

Creating your wedding website

1. Firstly see that, what is the type of your wedding? By type we mean small wedding or the big wedding. A small wedding will just accommodate around 50 odd wedding guests. So ,if you are planning a small wedding then there is no need at all to create a wedding website. But if your wedding is rather going to be a large one then you must consider making a wedding website as it will help you a lot in reaching your guests, family and friends.

2. When you have finally decided to create a wedding website for your own wedding then you must gather all the data concerning your wedding beforehand.

3. There are so many online portals and websites that will help you in creating your own wedding website. You must start with creating the wedding website about 4-5 months prior to your wedding. This will help you to get the maximum reach and enhance the wedding experience up to your wedding guests.

4. Choose a template that defines your style and likings. Also consider the wedding theme and make the wedding website in such a manner so as to have a flavor of the wedding theme.

5. Hacking is very common these days. So you do not want to let any cheap geek ruin your wedding website. This can be avoided by selecting a password for the site. You can give the designated password to all of your wedding guests in a mail.

6. Link your wedding website with the social networking websites. This will magnify the reach too.

7. If you have a good wedding budget with you then you can lend some money to a professional so that your wedding website is created in the best possible way.

8. Give good introduction details and try to upload pictures of all your ongoing wedding planning activities. This will give the wedding website a more of personalized touch.

9. You can also create an option for your wedding guests to choose their wedding gifts prior to the wedding. This can be done by linking your wedding website to famous stores that offer unique and best wedding gifts and favors.

10. Even when your wedding is all done, you must create a thanking page for all your wedding guests with picture galleries of the whole wedding ceremony. Do not forget to include the videos too!

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