Tips you must know before you order your wedding invitations

Planning out for the wedding and all the related activities is not so easy. You have to select, schedule and get everything ready to the perfection. The very first of the things that you require to deal with is choosing out your wedding invitations. For couples, it becomes pretty confusing at times because there are so many wedding invitations out there for you. They come in numerous designs, shapes and styles. But there are things, good pretty things that one must know before placing the order of the wedding invitations. What are these things that you must know, if you are the one ordering the wedding invitations this time? Stick and read here to know more.

Take care of your personal taste

It is your wedding and you need not just sit and watch the wedding planning. Sometimes we leave things up to the professionals. But even the best of the professional who deals with the wedding invitations will ask for your personal taste. So never let it go that that simply. Get to know about the things you and your partner like the most. Imagine how you will want your wedding day to look like. You can use a mixture of styles but opt for what you love. Let us say again, ‘It is your wedding day”. Get to the front seat.

Determine the significant theme or the symbol

What is your wedding venue? Are you going to follow a wedding theme? These are few of the many questions that you must get an answer to before you actually meet the wedding invitations consultant. Try to get a symbol which can relate to the whole scene of your wedding day. Get a monogram of the first meeting place of yours from the designer and plan to place them to the card.

Be specific about the colors

Color plays a very important role in every wedding. Your wedding dress, bridesmaid’s dresses, flower girl dresses, wedding flowers, wedding cake and all such things are bound to have one color or another. So you must not overlook all these colors. Know all these colors that will be seen at your big day and then let them be a part of your wedding invitation. Moreover take into the consideration the season of the year that will host your wedding. Spring is denoted by different set of colors. Likewise all other seasons will be denoted by distinctive set of colors.

Know the number

By knowing the number we mean to know the quantity of the wedding invitations that you need to send to the doorsteps of your wedding guests. It is never equal to the number of your wedding guests. That is so because you do not invite single persons separately when they are from the same family! So just have a peep into your wedding guests list and then get to know that what will be the number of the wedding invitations that you will have to order. Just keep the upper margin by ordering 30-50 plus odd pieces of the wedding invitations apart from the actual number.

Get familiar about the printing methods

You must know the techniques by which the wedding invitations are processed and printed. Go to the stationer and ask from him about all these printing methods. A good stationer will always know these methods and will let you know whatever your queries are. Also know about the different kind and forms of the papers that are used in the wedding invitations printing.

Decide about other supplementary cards

Sometimes people decide to send supplementary cards with the wedding invitations. These maybe the reply cards, reception cards, map cards showing the directions, wedding website cards and the accommodations cards. When you decide what all you are going to enclose altogether then also give a thought whether you would like separate envelopes for them or not.

Get an approx idea of the budget

To get an approximation of the money that you will have to spend to get your wedding invitations ready you can go and visit a stationer or a wedding invitations consultant. Know about the best discounts that you can avail. Create an approximation of a single wedding invitation first and then multiply that figure by the total number of wedding invitations you will order at last.

Decide who will be issuing the invitations

By issuing we mean the person who will be answerable to send all the wedding invitations to their right addresses. This role can be played by the bride or her parents and groom and his parents. The one who is issuing them will have to take care of any questions that the wedding guests need to ask. Also he will have to respond to the reply cards that he or she receives later on.

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