Tips to reduce underarm sweat on your wedding day

We keep bringing you the wedding tips that are too precious for any would be bride or the groom. Underarm sweating is major thing that is sometimes overseen and comes to be noted on the wedding day only. With the excitement of the wedding celebrations and the zip tied wedding dresses it is normal to experience underarm sweat. But there are people who actually sweat a lot. So would you like if your wedding guests notice the sweat marks on your wedding dress? The answer would be an obvious ‘No’. So how do you lessen or prevent the underarm sweat on your wedding day. Here are the expert tips:

Reducing underarm sweating

1. It will be advisable to use and wear an antiperspirant on your wedding day, just right before you start wearing your wedding dress. This will help you in two ways. One it will help you lose the excess of the sweating and second that it will prevent the bad odor too.

2. Take a good nice shower with added rose water. This helps lessening the sweat in a natural speedy way.

3. Choose the wedding dress material or the fabric that lets your skin breathe. If you sweat a lot then tell this to your wedding dress designer. Modern fabrics which lessen the sweat can be integrated to your wedding dress. Organic fabrics are also a good choice for the eco friendly brides.

4. People sweat a lot when they are in anxiety. So maintain the calm and enjoy your wedding day. Unnecessary anxiety will make you sweat more and more.

5. Avoid the food items like coffee, onions, garlic and the alcoholic drinks as they will lead to more of the sweating. In spite if it’s a summer wedding then try drinking lemonade to beat off the heat and sweat.

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