Unique favors for a fall wedding

If your wedding falls during the fall and you have arranged everything for a successful marriage we will ask you to hang on and rethink again. What have you thought about the perfect wedding favor that bears the essence of the fall? Are you getting perplexed? Do not be. We have gathered together some wedding favors that will give the right kick for a successful fall wedding. Read on and get your top pick.

Scented pine cone candles

These pine cone candles can be your top pick for a fall wedding. Pine cones, with their dark brown colors and interesting contours bring the perfect mood of the fall. Thus, picking up inspiration from this the maker has created aromatic candles which resemble the natural pine cones. The objective behind the incorporation of light cinnamon scent is perhaps to give the ambiance a mischievous touch. So, do you think there can be anything more apt in setting up the perfect fall air on each of the reception tables other then the soft light of these pine shaped candles?

Scented Pine Cone Sachet

If you believe in everything that is real then we have a brilliant suggestion for you as your fall wedding favor. Get hold of these natural pine cones. They will please your wedding guests immensely and capture the right temper of the season. Since silk stands for love and romance so this lovely wedding gift also comes in cute silk organza sachets. As the brand offers two color options, ivory and red, so you can pick the color of the sachet as per your preference. You also get chance to pick the fragrance you want from the range of Cinnamon Spice, Cranberry Spice and Forest Pine.

Fall season glass picture frame

The fall is all about soft breeze, romantic atmosphere all around and falling of dry leaves to pave way for the new. This is exactly what has been intended to capture in this fall wedding glass picture frame too. The predominant burgundy tone of the frame reflects love and passion. The imprints of pale falling leaves over the burgundy base depict the shifting colors and the charm of the fall. The photo inserts make it just right for your wedding guests to retain it as a memorable keepsake.

“Fall in Love” Scented Leaf-Shaped Soaps

Make your wedding invitees enchanted with the fresh scent of the fall by means of these magnificently scented soaps. While the leaf-like shape of these scented soaps retain the splendor of falling leaves in the fall, the soft cream color makes it look safe for the skin. The packaging of this pretty wedding favor is equally noteworthy. The pair of scented soaps sits on a nest of natural raffia. The gift box has a light cream tone with chocolate brown maple leaf imprints all over. The gift comes wrapped in satin ribbon with a tag “For You”, giving it a customized appeal for your esteemed guests.

Pure maple syrup

This sweet flavored pure syrup is sure to capture the spell of the fall as well as cast sweetness of love and good wishes in your fall wedding. Your wedding guests will also be overwhelmed by this splendid wedding favor. The use of a simple clear glass bottle in a deliberate attempt so that it does not interfere with the rich color of natural maple syrup. The personalized label on the glass bottles with names of the wedding couples and the date of wedlock will remind your guests constantly of this memorable occasion.

Wine essentials fall wedding favor

This wedding favor is perfect for gifting the wine lovers who come to felicitate your fall wedding nuptial. It is basically an all inclusive kit that contains a place holder, wine cork and place card. While the woody texture of all these items creates visual symmetry for the beholder, it also depicts the pale color of the fall. The artistic sketch at the left corner of the place card depicting a vine with juicy grapes hanging from that symbolizes the fruitfulness of the season.

Maple leaf wine cork

If wedding is to be made completely successful then wine is a quintessential item. We have put up a wine bottle that reflects the fall. The credit goes to the unusually interesting maple shaped cork that is the best replica of the season. The shimmery silver finish adds the much needed glamor element of a gala wedding. The powder orange label and tag of the clear package is in harmony with the rustic fall atmosphere. “Thanks”, the generous note on the tag will definitely mean a lot to your guests.

“Fall in Love” frosted glass coaster

This glass coaster is a pleasure to look at. It is simple yet ornate and stunning. The frosted work prevalent on each of the coasters of this four coaster set makes it stunning. The wise alteration of two clear and two frosted leaves with prominent veins reflect the spell of the fall in an artistic way. The romantic tag “Fall in love” is sure to churn out the passion in your wedding guests too.

Colored autumn leaves

Just think how beautiful will the guest reception table look with colorful autumn leaves scattered on them. If you think the idea is mind blowing then this fall wedding favor might be a good option for you. With a dimension of 2 ¼ “x 1 ¾ “ the maple leaves come in an array of nineteen colors to choose from. The complete kit has as many as two hundred such leaves. This is undoubtedly enough for a complete wedding reception table décor. You can also write personal messages on these maple leaves it make it customized.

“Fall in Love” mint packs

If you think of giving some refreshment to your invitees by means of mints then this wedding favor is the best pick for you. The pack makes it even more personalized and ideal for the fall season. The breathtaking prints of bright sunflowers, colorful poppies and fresh maple leaves make them right for the season. The imprinted names of the bride and the groom and the date of the wedding make the mint pack your customized way of thanking your wedding guests. The romantic slogan “Fall in love” expresses that love is in the air.

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