Unique wedding reception ideas

Weddings are always all about celebrating the most precious moments with the ones who you adore the most. So why not give it a unique intrinsic look by adding a little creativity into the preparations you do for the day. Wedding receptions can be converted into an event of rejoice and fun with small amendments to the planning and arrangements. This way you can establish an inimitable and alluring reputation of yours in front of the guests present on the occasion.
Read for some interesting ways to capture everybody’s attention on the propitious occasion:

Interesting location

A wedding reception is the second best occasion after exchanging the vows. For a unique arrangement, one can plan their wedding reception in a classic barn, in a theatre, in a mansion or in a hotel ballroom. It will look exclusive and unusual at the same time. The guests present on the ceremony will cherish this moment for a lifetime. The wedding location can even be transformed in to a location of your wish with matching décor and arramgements.

Perfect theme

Finding a perfect theme is a big task for the couple. The theme should symbolize their wishes, desires and should compliment their personalities too. The theme should be planned keeping in mind the both the necessities and choices. An exuberant theme of planning an affair in a French ball room style or in an old theatre will do the needful. It will not only lend an ecstatic look to your ceremony but will also exhibits extraordinary and exceptional appearance.

An innovative guest book

The idea of a perfect guest book will fantasize everybody. The guest book not only showcases the true love and affection of the guests but also provides the chance to showcase their pious feelings to the couple. One can plan a book idea with the photos of couple pasted on every page and then the guest need to just write whatever comes to their after seeing the picture, they can even write their wishes for them and can also get a little notorious with the tags and comments. One can also plan a photo gallery guest book, where the guests can paste their favorite photo of the bride and groom.

A proficient watercolor artist

The idea is creative, artistic and beautiful. In this the couple can hire a professional and proficient water color artist for the ceremony and make him understand the need of the moment. The artist can draw paintings of the guests dancing and enjoying the ceremony, he can even make the paintings as per the choice of the guests and make the ceremony more fun and enjoyable for the guests.

Have a dessert buffet

If you are a sweet lover then you are ought to try this on your wedding reception. A wedding is an affair of love and sweet memories, so why not give a sugary appeal to the whole occasion. You can bring in 20 different types of dessert dishes in the ceremony. Talk to your caterer in advance about all the preparations and presentation, because table presentation is one important task and can make the desserts look yummier and delicious. The guests will love you ‘sweet’ gesture and are sure to complement on your effort and thought.

Go the pro way

For making the ceremony more unique and memorable, one can hire professional entertainers or dancing groups. They can lend your function a unique and enchanting appeal with all the guests dancing to the tunes of those entertainers. The whole planning should be done before the actual ceremony day, so as to avoid any gauche and unfinished act or performance. You can also experiment with some different contemporary musical instruments and songs to make it more lively and happening.

An intrinsic décor

The décor plays a vital role in lending a wedding ceremony an ecstatic and appealing look. For making the décor look more unique and exceptional one can try out different things and showpieces. The wedding location can be decorated beautifully with flowers but to make it unique you can bring in the environment touch to it. You can also decorate the whole location with different kinds of aromatic candles and make it more fragrant and pleasing.

Make it more intimate

Generally the sitting arrangements are imagined with tables and chairs settled horizontally. It moreover looks like a formal affair and function. But to give it a nice twist and amendment the tables can be replaced by lounge furniture. The settlement will bestow a more intimate look to the reception and will also bring your dear ones more closely attached. Decide the fabric with much care and observation and select the one who can lend more of an intimate look.

A fascinating lighting ambiance

The lighting of the reception location should be more defined and simplified. It should correctly depict the theme of the occasion. It’s one of the things that should be selected with much research and scrolling. The lighting should go in sync with the location and the theme and should also compliment the bride and groom. Give your wedding a cool look by decorating it with soothe colored lighting and if your one bright person then you can opt for different colored lightning options.

Non traditional instruments

Rather than experimenting with the cliché instruments on the wedding reception, opt for some non traditional instruments that will lend it a new high and will leave your guests spellbound at your creativity. You can hire a trumpet playing group for the occasion. This will create a beautiful ambiance and will make a ceremony more pleasing and memorable.

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