Wedding decoration ideas to enrich your wedding decor

For the wedding decorations to be fully creative in all senses you will have to think much more beyond the simple and the traditional things. To be able to have a nice wedding décor you need to have some good wedding decoration ideas that can come for your rescue on time. Use a little of your own imagination and you will see on your own how beautify these decoration ideas will work out for your wedding. We have here for you the wedding decoration ideas that you must remember while you plan and execute your wedding décor. Share these with someone whom you think these can be helpful besides you.

Centerpieces decoration

When you are choosing for the centerpieces for your wedding decoration then you must keep in mind that there will be a huge variety of them in the wedding market. They can vary from realistic looking to the chic and modern looking centerpieces. You can also DIY the centerpieces to have some fun with your wedding and also to keep intact you wedding budget in good order. The watering cans and galvanized pails are good to be used as the centerpieces. They can be well decorated with some good looking and gorgeous wedding flowers like sunflowers, lilies, daisies, cherry blossoms or any other flower that you like will suit to your wedding theme. You can add some rhinestone decorations as dressing to the centerpieces. Have your name cards there with them. You can have them done with the permanent markers or just buy them. Make some hat, belt or the boot cookies and add the wedding colors to them as well and wrap with cellophanes tied with ribbons. For refreshments you can have the iced tea or the lemonade as refreshments to the table centerpieces. For the indoors you can try some good looking candles.

Wedding cake decoration

If you are a lover of the traditional white cakes then go with daisies to dress them a little bit. Likewise you can add cherry blossoms and the twigs if you have the pink wedding cake. Also for other wedding cake colors you can use the wedding flowers matching to their color. Choose a good looking wedding cake topper that goes perfectly with the wedding theme that you have chosen. Enhance the decoration of the wedding cake table with some colored stones, crystals and other decorative items. You can also add some balloons to the place where you have put the wedding cake table. Get the pictures of the bride and the groom and put them on the table. The whole decoration will just look great. And yet again the candles can enrich the beauty of the wedding cake by being lit around it.

Wall decoration

If you are having an indoor wedding reception then you will have to work with the wall decorations as well. You can ask the supplier of the hall or the ballroom to get the color of your wedding theme. But if you have white colored walls then you can add lot many décor to it as well. Add some flowers and the ribbons to the walls. The balloons can be another decoration items that may be used. Use some paintings that relate to the wedding. Place some indoor ornamental flowers and plants that can compliment to the walls. The curtains and the drapes can be used with some string lights around them. Even if you have planned a outdoor wedding venue, then too you can have the boundary of the wedding reception area marked with the curtains and all these things.

Wedding aisle decoration

The wedding aisle is the space that needs a whole lot of the decoration to please the eyes of everyone present at the wedding. It also has to be the dream aisle of the bride and the groom as they have to walk by that place together holding their hands. For the classic aisle décor you can add some potted plants, luminaries and hanging decorative items.

In case of the modern ceremonies using out of the box decoration ideas is a better option. Get some large balloons, colorful parasols and garlands for the aisle space for that. Ribbons can also be used for decorations. Romance can be added to this space with some good floral decoration. Rose petals, lanterns, hanging jars and candles can be the best items to accomplish that romance.

Wedding arch decoration

With wedding arch you can customize everything on your own. You can use wedding arches made from different things like bamboo, ceramic, wooden, etc. Add some flowers, chocolates, candles and bells to the wedding arch. The arch must be eye catching with a good theme related to it. Do not overdo with your decorations in this case as it will not look good. Keep it short and simple. Just try to be innovative. If you have some ample time before your wedding, then you can even DIY the wedding arch yourself. Little lights can also be used to enhance the decor a bit further.

Wedding furniture decoration

Many a types of furniture come to usage at the weddings. One of the commonly needed ones are the chairs and tables. First of all you must know what your wedding theme is and accordingly you must decide for the right kind of the furniture. Use logs for the western themed wedding. Add some accessories to the furniture and choose the colors wisely. The chairs lined up next to the wedding aisle can be decorated with some white or any other colored cloth. Likewise the tables can have the flower and crystal decorated centerpieces. For the reception furniture the clothes with contrast are the best thing to use with some floral decor to spice up a little bit.

Eco friendly wedding decorations

With all the hype and buzz of the eco friendly lifestyles even wedding is the occasion which can care for some eco friendly decorative items in it. The floral decorations are traditionally used green decorative items from past many years. Besides them the things like recycled glass, recycled artwork, the things that have been made with the discarded goods can form good decorative pieces to brighten up the wedding decorations in a more beautiful way. You will also get these things noticed very easily at the wedding day. Apart from being decorative this will leave a green wedding taste to your wedding.

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