Wedding decoration ideas for Eco friendly people

Wedding is the most joyful event but it also becomes hectic, when the nuptial is over and you have to fill the landfill with all the decoration stuff. In solution to this problem, many people find a way to go for Eco-friendly decorations in the wedding ceremony that are less messy and goes with nature. The best thing about Eco-friendly items is their easily available and cheap so, you can adorn the wedding venue in great way. Honor your commitment to your mother earth and your lovely wife by celebrating the happiest moments of your life in an Eco-friendly way.

Eco-friendly wedding decoration ideas

  • Flowers are prominent part of your wedding decoration and generally, people spend a lot of money on buying flowers. Don’t buy flowers that are produced by using pesticides in an excess quantity. Go for seasoned flowers that are grown in local areas.
  • You can buy decoration materials like napkins, assorted linens and table clothes made up of Eco-friendly material. They are not only cheap but also give a natural touch to the wedding ceremony. After the ceremony, you can save these items for special occasions.
  • Though, depending upon the season, natural food items like tomato, apples and herbs, beautiful bushes and flowers can make cheap and beautiful centerpieces. In order to make a cool combination with these centerpiece items, go for flowerpots that are matching to these items. Include plants that your guests can take away to their homes and replant.
  • Candlelight are another beautiful idea to your Eco-friendly wedding. Candle-lights can also be reused after the wedding ceremony so, don’t through them away and use until they are burned down completely. Vegetable-oil-based candles are considered best for the Eco-friendly wedding decoration.

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