White wedding flowers for traditional and classic white weddings

If you are a believer of traditional white weddings then you must know the list of the white wedding flowers for sure, that you can use at the time of your wedding for the wedding decorations. White is the color of peace, purity and innocence. It seems like a single color but there are so many shades of white that will make you feel happy. If you are going to wear the white wedding dress for your big and joyous day then white wedding flowers are the elements of joy that will set the beauty of your wedding. These flowers also add a soft and romantic touch to your wedding so better get known to the best white wedding flowers by scrolling and reading the list downwards.

White Gerbera Daisy

Normally called as to be the elder sister of white daisy, the white gerbera daisies are best known to be of the flower family that is one of the best cut flowers in world. They represent innocence and truth with the basic pattern of their color. They look like wheels of white joy that have to be the part of your wedding somehow. They form very decent bridesmaid bouquets and also the centerpieces at the wedding reception. As these are quite big flowers, so you can assort these with some cute and little flowers for a good contrast of sizes.

White Calla Lily

Grace is the thing that the beautiful looking calla lilies carry with them. They are wonderful looking classic white flowers. Just like roses, these flowers are quite famous with the brides all around the world. These form very great looking bridal bouquets and the bridesmaid can carry them in pairs with their stems that serve as good to be held elements. Calla lilies can also be used as boutonnieres for the grooms. The table centerpieces can be beautified with these white wedding flowers with some ribbons around them and some more accessories to make the décor even better. You can also DIY the wedding bouquets yourself in case of these flowers.

White roses

There is no other flower in the world that relates to love and romance as better as roses. White roses have been used in the weddings since ages. If you have some vintage theme for your wedding or even if you desire a simple and classy looking wedding then white roses are your wedding flowers undoubtedly. You can create the beautiful mixture with other wedding flowers, having different shades if you do not wish that much white with all these white roses. The petals of the white roses can be used to decorate the wedding cake table and the aisle. Just remember to use a few small wedding flowers with these roses when you create a bridal bouquet!

Add some contrast to the roses by using some grass around the base of the bouquets. The wedding car can be decorated with these flowers and that has been much in fashion.

White hydrangea

Hailing from Japan, hydrangea is popular as the wedding flower that is largely used for the decorations of table centerpieces. This flower does possess some great and enduring grace and beauty. Apart from the lovely centerpieces that these little flowers form you can use them the wedding bouquets and the flower baskets carried by the little flower girls. Mix these with other white flowers like white lilies and roses and you will see the magic of the sight yourself.


Camellia or the popularly known by the name ‘flowers of promise’ are white flowers that put up the message of adorability. These flowers are so pretty that the are just the ones you would like to have at your dream wedding. Ask your florists to get as many of these white beauties for you. You can decorate the table centerpieces very aptly with these white wedding flowers. Apart from that the aisle and the wedding arch can also care for some decoration with this beautiful white flower. These can be very easily used to form the bridal bouquets and also the bridesmaid’s bouquets. A black ribbon to the bouquet will give a great contrast to these flowers.

Classic white tulips

Not long back, tulips used to be even more priceless as are the gemstones today. Nowadays, they might be pretty cheap and easily available in the floral market but they always make up a wedding more classic and precious with their presence. They are symbol of cheerfulness, having a nice natural architecture. They are good to be used as the centerpieces, decorating the wedding cake table and making the bouquets for the wedding. So do select them as your white wedding flowers and make a statement with them by your side on your big day.

White orchids

The white orchids are exotic and carry a great history with them. They are 76 million years old and are one of the rarest orchids to find these days. Make an early order with the florist that you plan to hire for the flower arrangement at your wedding. These white wedding flowers make as good decorative pieces around the dining table. Flower baskets carrying orchids look angelic and cute. You can arrange them in a pyramidal ceramic vase for serving as the table centerpieces. They also make very great boutonnieres or corsages if used in weddings. You will certainly make your wedding more glamorous by choosing the white orchids.

White Carnations

These white wedding flowers are a mixture of both simplicity and sophistication. They are symbol of good luck, purity and faithfulness. They are ornamentally exquisite white flowers. When gathered together as a bouquet, they make charming bridal and other wedding bouquets. Can also be used to make garlands which is a good idea if you are having a beach or garden styled wedding. Flower girls look pretty cute carrying them in the small wedding flower caskets. Use them for enhancing your wedding décor at all the possible places you can think of.

White daffodils

When you need some small white wedding flowers for your wedding day, the white daffodils are a good pick. They are also called white narcissus and are found abundantly in the spring time. They have a divine beauty associated with them and are also a symbol of new beginnings just like your wedding! If you are preparing the corsages, these flowers can be collaborated with some flowers like yellow daffodils, lilies and the freesia flowers. They will make nice, pretty centerpieces for your wedding party as well.

Lily of the Valley

Just to introduce these white wedding flowers we have a small fact. Lily of the valley was the flower that got to be the part of Kate Middleton’s royal wedding bouquet! The flower signifies the return of happiness. You can use them as the centerpieces and also in all the wedding bouquets that you are required to make with just a little more integration of the different spring white wedding flowers. These will be the flowers that will make the wedding have the touch of simplicity as well as the regality.

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