Spring Wedding Bells: Do you know how to organize it?

Spring Wedding Bells

You may undergo mixed feelings when the wedding is just around the corner. You are excited to begin new innings in your life and worried at the same time to organize the big event. Well, you are among many others who feel the same way. Spring is the best time to get married but keep in mind few important points discussed in this article while planning your spring wedding. The very thought of taking the wedding vows with your beloved gives you Goosebumps. However, the moment you realize that you need to organize the event gives you a nervous breakdown as well. There is nothing to worry when planning your wedding on your own. You just need to follow these spring wedding ideas to organize a hassle-free event.

Here are some useful tips you need to know to organize your dream wedding this spring:

Spring theme invitation card:

If you are planning your wedding in spring, then you need to find the invitation card design coordinating with the theme. So, look for floral invitation cards, which match perfectly with your spring wedding. This is one of the great wedding ideas this spring that you need to remember while planning your wedding.

Outdoor venue:

Spring is one of the best seasons when you can organize any outdoor activity or party. When you have planned a spring theme wedding then look for an outdoor venue. A gush of fresh wind and clear sky make this season the most pleasant among all other seasons.

It will be quite romantic to take your wedding vows amidst the serene natural beauty with fresh flowers blooming and tiny green leaves coming out of the trees. You can save a fortune on booking a banquet hall for your wedding.

Flower decoration for the ceremony:

Fresh blooming flowers are perfect decoration prop for the spring wedding. Your wedding venue can be beautifully decorated with the season’s best flowers like marigolds, tulip, orchids, and roses. One of the best spring wedding ideas is to line the vases with fruit slices to add some color to the boring vases.

Attire for bride and groom:

You can opt for breathable and light color fabric, as it is perfect for a spring wedding. The bride can wear a mid-length dress for the evening reception and the groom can choose light fabric seersucker suit. The bride can carry a bouquet of fresh flowers to look more stylish. When you are planning for the groom’s attire remember that blue and pink are preferable colors for the spring season.

Food arrangements:

Spring is the season for bright flowers and fresh food. Decorate the buffet table with spring flowers, as it will entice the guest with their floral scent and brightness. Arrange for fresh fruit juice for your guests, as they will need refreshment in the outdoor venue. Your overall food presentation should match with the theme of a spring wedding. Fresh fruits, salads, shrimps, pop-up tarts and mini cakes should be part of the menu. 

Wedding cake: When you are planning your spring wedding then floral design grand wedding cake is necessary on the list. A bride’s dream cake is a multi-layered red velvet cake with sugar roses decorating the layers giving a romantic feel.

Organizing a wedding in spring will require a great planning if you want it on a grand scale. Make sure you prepare a list of the things you need to check finally on the D Day to ensure everything goes perfectly. You can follow the above-mentioned wedding ideas this spring to arrange a wedding like a pro.


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