Wedding trends to watch out for in 2017

Wedding trends

Wedding trends are one of the many things that we have to bid adieu to while the year-ends. Therefore, if you are planning a wedding in 2017, you need to look for new wedding trends that are certainly more impressive than the trends of the bygone year. Here we have amassed such wedding trends that will provide you an insight as to what weddings in 2017 would be like.

Vintage is eternal


When it comes to weddings, vintage theme seems eternal. These themes have a charm that just not going away. Be it the clothes, décor or the glassware at vintage weddings, they all add an unmatched romantic feel to the entire setting.

Going interactive is the key

There is no two way about the fact that every couple desires to make their wedding special and to offer incredible new experiences to the guests. To go interactive is one of the most popular wedding trends that people are widely following. It is all about making the guests feel thoroughly welcomed and to keep them entertained throughout. There are wide assortments of ways that you can consider for keeping your guests engaged on your big day. Not only will it make your guests feel special but it would also make your wedding interesting and creative.

Wedding decorations

Wedding decorations

Couples these days tend to choose dynamic wedding décor that speaks volumes of their interest and vibrant personalities. Burlap fabric, mason jars and lace decorations look lovely at the vintage styled weddings. A wide range of attractive and interesting vase fillers are used including acrylic ice, water-absorbing crystals, fake snow, pearls and more. Velvet, lace and satin fabrics spread all around manage to gain much-deserved attention and appreciation.

Flowers are an intimate part of any wedding decoration. They represent hope, beauty, and are a symbol of everlasting love. One of the best ways you can spruce up the look and décor of the tables is by placing a round box of rose flower that you can order from an online flower shop Abu Dhabi. This is sure to elevate the experience of the guests that will be seated at the tables and ensure that you have one-of-a-kind memorable wedding experience

Unlike traditional white and ivory flower girl baskets and ring pillows, they come in many colors and decorations. Coming to table confetti, shells, rose petals and diamond confetti steal the show in modern weddings. Candles just like traditional weddings are an integral part of present day weddings as well. In addition to candles, tea lights, hanging LEDs, floaters, pillars and tapers are popular wedding décor trends you can watch out for in 2017.

Wedding Favors

Unlike traditional wedding favors, modern ones are multi functional. The unique personalized wedding favors today double as table decorations, place card holders, send-offs, and even centerpiece decorations as well. Wedding favors are also incorporated into candy buffet, which adds color and flavor to the tabletops.

Wedding planning

Wedding planning

Wedding planning has gone digital, which has made it simpler like never before. Using a number of social media network sites and apps, couples manage to take wedding decisions quickly and with ease. Be it a wedding theme, invitation cards, wedding dress, venue or décor, ordering the wedding cake, making a choice is not difficult anymore. With the apps like wedding budget calculator, couples get to allocate and prioritize their needs with ease.

Metallic bridal dresses

It seems that classic white bridal gowns are taking a backseat while the metallic bridal dresses are becoming all the rage. Brides can now add that extra sparkle and shine to their appearance by wearing a metallic bridal gown. It is a new sophisticated and a bold look altogether.

Drone photography

Drone photography

It has been a while when candid photography became a sought after thing for weddings, and now it is the drone photography. It is ideal for couples who don’t want to miss even a single moment of their special day. This new aerial photography trend enables couples to capture almost every little happening of their big day.


Just like any other trend, wedding trends also change to give place to new and the more exciting ones. Like every year, 2017 also has a plethora of wedding trends to surprise and delight couples.

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