8 Brilliant Mason Jar Wedding Card Invitation Ideas

From your kitchen countertop to your baby’s bedroom, mason jars have found a way make space everywhere around the house. Apart from being super functional, these cute jars have inspired many DIY projects. In fact, these jars have also inspired mason jar wedding card invitations. Not only are they easy to prepare but also make […]

9 Ideas for Your Eco-Friendly Wedding

Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life. It takes a lot of planning to plan the perfect wedding day. And what could be more perfect than a wedding which is eco-friendly too. Traditional weddings have been known to produce a lot of waste and cost a lot too. […]

Flaunt the flowers- Be a Greek Goddess

Flower crowns are not just pretty looking but also gives a pure picture of a romantic Greek Goddess. Flower crowns enhance the elegance and charm of the brides and add that extra saccharine touch to her. As with anything, there are a couple of things you ought and ought not to do with the pretty […]

Timeless Wedding theme ideas:

Choosing a theme is important as it makes your special day more memorable and offers a unique experience for everyone present. The theme can also be incorporate into the décor, invitations cards. Planning the look for your wedding is the best part that excites everyone. When selecting the theme and the associated colors, make sure […]