Wedding Traditions

Myths and Superstitions about Wedding

Wedding is generally considered as the
most important day in every person’s life. This is because the newlywed couple
is will be starting their journey towards a fresh life of togetherness. Many
brides-to-be anticipate their big day and want everything

Weird wedding traditions from around the world!

World over wedding traditions vary from place to place. It is not only about cities and states; even villages have different and bizarre and ridiculous wedding customs. There a few which a lot of you know about and some, most of you have no idea about.

A couple of pointers to help you to be a great wedding guest!

Wedding guests are often considered a responsibility when
attending a wedding. It is up to both parties to be able to work things out and
have a good wedding go by. There are responsibilities the bride, the groom and
the guests have to keep in mind and fo

Unique wedding ceremony traditions!

Wedding traditions are
different in different parts of the world. Some believe in following wedding
traditions while others believe in not accepting them at all. It is a matter of
choice. The list provided is a list of unique wedding traditions that some

Helpful pointers to write personalized wedding vows

When it come to getting married, it is quite obvious there a vows which have to be spoken out. Both the husband and wife wait to hear the vows written by each when decided that they are going to be personal. It is a moment long awaited during wedding cere

Greek wedding traditions you should know!

Greek weddings follow certain orthodox customs and rituals that take the beautiful meaning of love and devotion to another higher level. Like any other religious wedding, it has its own set of promises which the newlyweds make to each other and all night

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