Best honeymoon destinations in Hawaii

Hawaii and its beautiful islands have always been a favorite for those on their honeymoon. The Hawaii islands provide one of the best gateways for couples to enjoy themselves and with Hawaii becoming affordable in recent times, more couples are coming for

Body shaping lingerie to shape your curves on the big day

At any wedding, the bride’s appearance takes center stage like now other day in her life. This usually freaks a lot of brides-to-be out and they resort to hitting the gym frantically days or months before the big day. However, brides who cannot get to t

Things to consider before renting a wedding tuxedo

She said a yes! The dates are finalized! The ball of preparation is rolling. If all this has got you thinking that the difficult part is over, think again. Unless you’re prepared to be left at the altar, you’ve already started looking up stores to

Great tips to buy your wedding dress online

World has taken a paradigm shift towards high-end technologies and
online shopping. With this, it is no surprise that buying wedding dress
online has also become a raising trend. Wedding day is aesthetically
known to be the bride’s day, a day that co

Elegant vintage style engagement rings

An engagement ring is a very special for a woman. It signifies love and affection of her man for her. Women consider the engagement ring as one of the precious gifts and she treasures it for life. The market is flooded with different designs, giving bri

Solitaire Engagement Rings: 10 Most Beautiful

Solitaire as it means, a single diamond in setting. When it gets crafted in form of a ring then nothing is more pious than this for solemn engagements. If you ever thought that these stones were splinters from falling stars, then we are here to get you a

Designer wedding lingerie for the flaunting brides

There’s nothing better than comfortable lingerie stuffed in with substance, style and yeah the sexy cuts. Designers are out there trying to grant your wishes true, creating lingerie designs to suit just every need – say you didn’t need anything o

Celebrity Engagement Rings: 10 Best

Celebrity life is always awe inspiring. With millions of fans and paparazzi peeping in their personal life, it seems that their lives have become an open book. Everyone wants to follow their footsteps and get the same style. The engagement ring that they

Know your post wedding etiquette!

Planning your wedding must have taken up most of your time and energy for sure. Now all you want to do is relax. You could either wait for things to fall in place or you could jump right to the work. There are just a few things you should and can do pot w

Great tips for a flawless wedding day face

On a wedding, bride has to be the most beautiful person in the room. It’s a dream day in her life and to have flawless look on that day is her prerogative. All the eyes will be on her that day; her eyes, lips, her skin and everything related to the bri

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