Wedding rings for geeks with interesting ways to propose

Exchanging wedding rings is a significant custom followed almost in all parts of the world, one to symbolize love and loyalty and two to express that everlasting bond of love and affection. To gel with the persons image, there are numerous styles and p

Themes and ideas for wedding cake table decorations

The trend of wedding cakes is being followed since ages. They are important part of wedding receptions. What comes into focus at the reception is the wedding cake table. It is the center of attraction for everybody. People take extra efforts to make it

Flat wedding shoes: 10 Most Beautiful

When it comes to wedding, one always ranks apparels, makeup and jewelry on the top. It shouldn’t be forgotten that footwear are as important as wedding attire and rings. Lately, people have started focusing on their wedding shoes to look like a million

Flat wedding shoes

Designer wedding shoes: 10 Most Affordable

While you blissfully stride down the aisle with your soul mate, the one thing that helps you walk confidently is your shoe. It should be very attractive so that when it pops out of your sizzling gown, it should make a style statement. When it comes to d

Designer wedding shoes

10 Weddings that made it to the Guinness world records

Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth in various ways possible. There are a few weddings stand out and a few couples that make their weddings record worthy. Many weddings have been record shattering in some way or the other, so much so t

Different styles of bridal wedding veils and how to choose one

Wedding veils are traditional and romantic. A veil is a symbolic reference to the virginity of the bride and has the emotional elements to it. Lifting the veil, though not very common these days, is one of the most romantic traditions, reflecting the love

bridal wedding veils
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