Wedding Cakes

Alien vs. Predator Wedding Cake makes enemies fall in love

Science fiction film, Alien vs. Predator had many glued to the screens enjoying every bit of the fight that erupted between predators, aliens and humans. But, the long fight seems to have come to end in the form of a dark cake! Tracey, brains behind the a

DIY: Tips to make a birch-style wedding cake

Wedding cake is the one of the most celebrated food in a wedding ceremony. There are numerous designs and varieties in wedding cakes, that you can choose according to your cultures and traditions. Almost every wedding has a cake cutting ceremony and the

Ugliest wedding cakes

If delightful, gorgeous and tempting were the words you thought would symbolize a wedding cake perfectly, then how about ugly, disgusting and unpleasant? Yes, you read that correct. We have a bunch of weirdoes for who ugly means beautiful! Here are a fe

Wedding cakes for gamer’s big day

Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry. Guys, in particular, are wired into gaming with some of them so hooked that their women are left fuming. But we can’t really blame the guys; after all, games are challenging and so much fun. So what happens whe

Amazing purple wedding cakes

Known to represent royalty, magic and mystery, the purple color has nowadays become a very popular choice for the wedding themes. From wedding invitations to flowers to cakes, there is a range of shades in purple to choose from for your wedding celebratio

Multi-tiered wedding cakes to drool over

Wedding cakes are definitely the next best thing to happen at any wedding. A cake entry is that part of the wedding which everybody looks forward to. Guests often tend to judge a wedding by the décor around them, right from the setup arrangements to the

Themes and ideas for wedding cake table decorations

The trend of wedding cakes is being followed since ages. They are important part of wedding receptions. What comes into focus at the reception is the wedding cake table. It is the center of attraction for everybody. People take extra efforts to make it

Some popular wedding cake styles

Wedding cake is essential to any wedding celebration. It gains as much importance as the wedding venue, guest list, menu, and bridal accessories. Hence, the couple makes their best effort to make it look unique and stand apart in its decoration. Nowadays,

Awesome cakes to enhance a vintage style wedding

What completes a wedding in the most appropriate way is a wedding cake. Selecting the perfect cake, with a beautiful design and a charming outlook, is not an easy task. Right from the taste, flavor, to the style and the kind of marriage it represents, e

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